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Hey Girls, Or Hey Moms! Do you ever wonder what you like to be seen as. Would you like if I met you and remembered you as a very caring loving mother or would you love it if I remembered you as a charming girl (that’s hiding in you) whom I met when I saw that girl in your smile………………Whatever I remember you as, what matters is what you want to be remembered as, and you have all the power to create my vision for you!

I am here to create my vision for you as a GIRL in a MOM and tell you ways you can keep the “Girl in you” alive. I know I want to be seen as a GIRL in a MOM! And I am undoubtful of this thing that all of you want to be seen as girls too! I don’t deny that being seen as a Mom is great, it is, in fact, something we are proud of, but well well, “Girl Sounds Great”, Isn’t it?

I am a mom to a 13 month very adorable son, and I am a daughter of a very handsome ever young Dad. I never wish to forget that I am a girl, who became a mother and my formula is here for you 😀

  1. Never forget you are someone’s princess- someone’s daughter.

I am a daughter first and mom next! My duties as a wife, my responsibilities as a mom and my job as a home maker does not let me think of myself just as a MOM… When I play with my kids, I think of myself playing with my mom as a child, which brings back the joy of childhood. I have lived same moments with my mom, the moments that my kid is living with me – this thought is so much enough to feed your soul! Trust me. I teach him colors that my mother taught me. I teach him walking, singing, talking and dancing- everything keeping in mind that all I am doing now is what my mom did to me.

2. Listen to Music that is hitting million views – Be up and ready to tap your feet on them

Listen to what your ears love to hear- But also make sure listen to what is being played everywhere and anywhere! I do it, this makes it so much easier to go anywhere, any club or even any salon (salons play the latest of the songs- agree?), without feeling out of the space or out dated. But think, you might like “Piya Basanti re kahe sataaye aaja” but listen to “Come on, come on, turn the radio on. It’s Saturday and it won’t be long”. When you will see your kids’ friends tap there feet on a song, do it with them and BE A GIRL FOREVER.

3. Go to play in the park, instead of taking your kid to play.

Do you remember when did you actually play? My formula- rather just watching your kids play, indulge in the game and dive into it like no ones watching. Go for it. What I do? I don’t loose intentionally to let my kid win, sometimes I just win to win! This win wins me a game spirit and a smile of my school days.

4. A tonic of me time- A movie alone or a drive- not a bad idea!

Trust me on this one and give a try – Is it really so hard to do what you love once a month or once a week (or once a day :P)? After all its my life, and doing what I love, is not something too much I am asking for. It can be a glass of wine alone, a movie alone, a series on your laptop, or a drive alone. This will not only give you pleasure, but also, give time to your soul something that it deserves the most, a tonic of me time. You will discover you are a girl at heart and you will love it.

5. Call your Mom and tell her what you ate (not what you cooked), what you achieved and things not important

Pick up the phone and call her- your best friend. Be true, wasn’t she your best friend when you lived with her during the times you had a breakdown, break up, tough manager, and what not. You used to talk your heart out, but not now. Do it again, and again and again. I do it, call her and talk to her like a girl- you dnt talk about my kid or cooking, rather I tell her how day went, what you ate and things that don’t make sense too 😛 Talk Talk Talk as she loves listening to it.

6. Keep your nails ready to impress (not jst hands, but toes too) always, always!

Something that you used to be so fond and careful of- your nails. Be aware how they look. Always without fail. I have also stopped doing it but later realised, when you talk when you work when you write and when you eat, you and others look at your hands more than you thought of (that’s why your hand gestures are important) So why delay? Go and get a manicure 😀

7. Got a pimple, don’t just let go!

Be worried, be bothered, be concerned, and be caring for your skin. I remember I used to work on my skin and hair in my college days. No doubt I had ample time to do it, but now even though we don’t have time, taking care of your skin does not ask for a lot. Just a nice routine of cleaning, moisturizing and toning your skin is enough. If your skin is girly, no one can stop you from feeling like a girl.

8. Laugh Laugh Laugh- like no ones watching

Would not write anything about it. Just laugh- smile- more than you do now.


We (me, my husband and now my baby too) are travel lovers. Trust me, sitting at home for two weeks depresses us! By travelling I don’t mean travelling the world, I mean travelling for a day trip, for a week, or for a night. We love short outings, a weekend getaway, aa relaxing night stay and if budget and time allows, a week away. Whatever we can do in our so fast and busy lives! We wait for long weekends, but long weekends do not come every week (“I WISH”), so we dig out time from our routine, compromise on few things and just go.

And fun part is even having a baby does not stop us. My baby was 40 days old, when we went on a 9-hour drive from Melbourne to Sydney. He was 3 months when he made his first international trip to India, flying for 14 hours and there to at least 5 cities. He has been on countless day trips to snow mountains, to treks, to jungle safaris, to beaches…. etc etc. He was 12 months when he went to 5 day trip to Tasmania, travelling for 10 hours in a ship, driving for hours and hours. He has travelled so much that I have lost count how much.

My friends who are new parents ask me how I manage these trips with my little one. I keep telling them to just go and you will discover on your own. (that’s when I decided to pen down my experience). I have learnt a lot with time, while carrying him over these trips and I never thought that its so hard, I always thought its worth it!  Here are few tips that would get you going like me and my husband!

  • Stop Worrying Too Much

How will my baby sleep, what will I feed him, how will manage if it gets cold, how will he cope with so much rain, sun, dust; where will I change him, where will I feed him. Not making your kids your liability, rather making them your companion would help! Just think the way you will cope up, your lil one will also do, just needs a bit of planning. They will sleep even in oddest situations when tired/bored. Show them the world, its so beautiful and they are here to explore, to add beauty to it.

  • Get yourself a front carrier.

We were never confused whether to invest on this one or not. For us it was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING- a front or a back carrier for your baby. They love it, its safe and easy. You can just be on your toes- on a trek, on a beach and on snow with your lil one safely tucked to you. They find it cosy, and tend to sleep to if you face them to your chest. When they are willing to watch around, turn them to the front and you both enjoy. Its so easy- you or your partner would never regret if you just have this in your travel.

  • Things you should never leave back

A sunscreen, a pram, an umbrella, a hat, a warm blanket, socks, a thermos full of hot water or milk whatever your lil one is feeding on (I have a separate tip for breastfeeding mums), a sheet. These things are saviours and I never leave them back regardless of where I am travelling. Having them in the boot of your car always- won’t take much space 😊

  • Let them enjoy too. They will sleep in their own time

I know babies have fixed routines- sleep time, bath time, feeding time and again sleep time. Does not matter if you don’t stick to this routine for a day or more. They will have their sleep in their own time. Travelling is much easier because they tend to sleep in a moving car. My lil one needs silence to sleep, but when we are out- from where shall I get a silent room. Hence he sleeps when he is too tired even in noise- I learnt this on an incident when I took him to fireworks, by the time fireworks started he got overtired and slept and even the firecrackers also could not wake him! That’s my biggest learning- they will sleep when they are too tired to be awake- Don’t force them to sleep and let them enjoy.

  • They don’t need anything more than full tummy and a nice sleep.

Be sure their tummy is full- carrying their favourite yoghurt, fruit or dish is worthwhile. They will eat it without throwing any tantrums. If you are away for days, be sure to have the fruits and their dearest food items in stock. Read the last tip before you go!

  • Breastfeeding mums- carry a breastpump

Google it, and buy it. Any of it- manual/electric/swing etc-there are so many options. Go with any of it, but go for it. If places you are travelling to make you uncomfortable to feed, plan ahead- pump and freeze or just carry it and do where you find a place- can be your car, can be your room. And you are all sorted!!

  • A song, a prayer or music that soothes your kid

You should be able to tell by now that what music or song or even a prayer can soothe your baby or calm them down. Have it ready to play in your car or your phone. This really helps! My baby listens to prayer and goes to sleep or at least calms down.

  • The best tip I can give you

Wherever I go, days away or weeks, instead of looking for resorts or five stars, the first of all amenities is to look for a room with a small kitchenette. Its not expensive, can be even cheaper! It should have a hot plate or burner where you can boil milk, eggs, or even cook easy dishes like cracked wheat, corns, boil lentils, potatoes etc. Trust me, these will go a long way if you make them at beginning of your upcoming adventurous day!