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Doki Doki Chocolate combines the sensibility and attention to detail of Japanese-style confectionery with a playful American-style party-rocking attitude to craft ridiculously delicious chocolate-covered pretzels your inner child won't soon forget!

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Bring the Doki Doki experience to your next event with a chocolate party for any size. We bring enough pretzels and sweets to make sure that each guest gets at least 3 items each! Just ask, and we will prepare sweets that are friendly to special diets, unique flavor combinations, and fancy colors to match your theme! All our options are fully customizable from accommodating dietary needs to awesome flavor combinations, and even colors to match your theme. Whatever your chocolate needs are, Doki Doki has you covered



Behold the amazing variety of Doki Doki Chocolate covered pretzels. Starting at just $2 (918) 685-6357


$2 - $20

Peanut Butter Triple Chocolate.


The most popular of the excellent pretzels, this natural favorite is composed of a base layer of dark chocolate, slathered in all natural peanut butter, drizzled in milk and then white chocolate.


$1 - $10

Delicious Double Chocolate.


The entry-level pretzel. Delicious Double Chocolate pretzels come in 9 combinations of one base layer of dark, milk, or white chocolate drizzled in dark, milk, or white chocolate.


$3 - $30

Vegan Delight.


This pretzel is made with chocolate that contains no milk products. It has two layers of dark chocolate, rolled in golden brown sugar for a touch of sweetness, texture, and color, then drizzled in dark chocolate.

Daily Specials PRETZELS!!

Monday We Do Pretzel Right

Stocked up the shop today with a couple hundred delicious pretzels.

Thuesday It's That Pretzel Feeling

We love making custom chocolate pretzels to fit your party theme!

Wednesday There Ain't No Party Like A Pretzel Party

If you are looking for a pretzel catering you are in the right place

Thursday More Pretzel Please

Matcha pretzels now come with dark chocolate drizzle!.

Friday Happiness is Pretzel-Shaped

Party Buckets are now available at SEED Ventures!.

Sat Sun Pretzel Wanted

Spontaneous smores experiment at a totally awesome gig.


Party Buckets


They have 12 Delicious Double Chocolate pretzels and 3 of each of Peanut Butter Tripple Chocolate, Matcha, Coffee and Cream, and Pumpkin Pie!

Matcha Japanese Green Tea


This unique treat is made of a base layer matcha-infused white chocolate which is then drizzled in white chocolate for a super smooth experience

Coffee and Cream


This amazing masterpiece has a base layer of dark chocolate, slathered in hazelnut spread, rolled in ground coffee, then drizzled in milk and white chocolate. So, so, good...


Delicious Double Chocolate


Delicious Double Chocolate pretzels come in 9 combinations of one base layer of dark, milk, or white chocolate drizzled in dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Titan Pretzel


Dark chocolate, slathered in peanut butter, rolled in chopped mixed nuts, then drizzled in enough milk and white chocolate to keep it from crumbling under its own weight.

Pumpkin Pie


This wondrous masterpiece has a base layer of pumpkin spice-infused white chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate, rolled in a little bit of light brown sugar, drizzled one more time with white chocolate, and then splashed with pumpkin spice. It tastes like happiness...

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Corey and I look forward to our Friday party date at DokiDoki Chocolate! Pretzels were excellent and the service was warm and friendly!

Alexander Smith

Regardless of wether it's bloomed, droopy, burnt, or not, real chocolate is delicious, Thanks Corey!

Brian Horton

This is what happens to people who try Doki Doki Chocolate-covered pretzels. I've come to call it the doki doki face XD.

Maureen Brouillard

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