If you love our band and want to help us out, this is it!


She's got the measure of you.


I lifted my daughter up so she could put the star on top of the Christmas tree.


I work as much as I can, but never as much as I would want.

Who thought this up?

Please don't hesitate to call.

We have some things to talk about.

Because the store is so small, he has to wear many different hats, from accountant to stock boy.

They say that animals aren't able to hate.

Their second album is much better than their first album.

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We are expecting the issue of his book.

Thank you for climbing this tree to help me.

He is the head of marketing.

Why not let them help you?

I'm supposed to meet Andre in Boston next Monday at 2:30.

I'm looking forward to seeing him.

Damone has a lot of problems.

Is your family doing well?

It's hard for an old man to change his way of living.

Vitamins are absent from his diet.

Those were my expectations.

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On the beach you can spend time with your friends.

Keep out of reach of children.

I expected that I would visit him, but I couldn't.

It could be worth millions.

We've got more work to do.

Tony was happy.

I managed to overcome the difficulty.


Mr. Bergerac, I'm your cousin.

I haven't eaten any meat since I was fifteen years old.

I went home and told my wife about the job in Boston.

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If he knew the truth, he would tell us.

They couldn't think where to go.

Is there a vacant seat?

I'd like some coffee.

Kamiya told me that he had a dream about Lanny last night.

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I know where Kim is.

Let me know the time you are leaving.

Can they die?

I ate all my oranges.

It's no use bandying words with them.

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After she lost her legs, she had no more use for her anklets.

I'm sorry. I did you wrong.

Are you more a summer person or a winter person?

Carole really likes talking.

Antigens are substances capable of provoking the formation of antibodies.

Leave the key.

To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it.

She is in partial agreement with this decision.

I am staying with my uncle in Tokyo.

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She made it a habit to take a walk before dinner.

We've been working on this problem all weekend.

Neil has never been a teacher.

A hundred and fifty people took part in a marathon.

It's too late for that.


I wonder if a third world war will break out.

A gaggle of intoxicated youths stopped to ponder whether there is an Opposite Day in Bizarro World.

Thursday morning is great for all of us.

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Julie is right on time.

She practiced the piano every day.

The old barn burned down.


The light has turned green.

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An estimated 20% of the water used by homeowners in cities is used for their grass.

Luke is a very hardworking student.

They say that's the way it happens.

I am sad to hear it.

Why are you staying?

Donald isn't neat.

That's what you get!

You should pack an extra pair of socks.

Jussi has paid his debt to society.

One may live in a big house and yet have no comfort.

I'll be happy to work with you.

I like Dale, but I'm not really his friend.

Can you tell me how much you paid for that?

I feel well today.

I'd like you to help me install this software.

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I wish things could get back to normal.

I forgot to ask Paul for his advice.

Can I get a connecting flight to Osaka?

All natural objects and phenomena used to be considered as having kami, so the gods of Shinto were uncountably numerous.

Bring your best game.

Don't tempt me. I might just do that.

Nobody was interested in my country then.


Jinchao got plenty of help.

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How can one be serious with the world when the world itself is so ridiculous!

For some reason I can speak my true feelings with you, Dory.

I came to kill him.

I'll ask around and see what people think.

I had a letter from her yesterday.

Mr. Ricardo is a very good teacher.

Lisa couldn't make up his mind right away.


Let's choose the best of the tomato crop and take them to the market.

You have an assistant, right?

So I was right.

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I can't believe Those quit his job without talking it over with Bjorne first.

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My father is on an international trip.

Earl and I love each other.

Heinz has been bitten by a stray dog.

Betsy cries easily.

The statue was cast in a mold.

She has no deep convictions.

Tyler is putting stuff in his backpack.

She resembles that actress.

That'll take some time.

I'll ask my brother to give me a ride.

This dress suits your style.


I've already answered Tovah's questions.

She stood astonished at the sight.

To work!


Did you say something?

Lie back down.

Syed ran to the door and tried to open it.


When can I get out of here?

They are very important.

Marian doesn't even have a pencil.

Unfortunately, I have no proof for my suspicion.

I didn't have the courage to tell her the fact.


We tried that.

She doesn't know how to tell the difference between good and evil.

Ethan likes to argue.

It's not easy to please Shahid.

Many people were outraged by a picture of a women pumping air into her tires while a man stood beside her playing on his phone.


Devon didn't ask me which I preferred.


I was kidnapped.

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They're definitely more than just friends.

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Look at the sleeping baby.

It'll make sense later.

I want to thank you for what you've done for me.

Emma had nothing left to eat.

There was no bathroom.


I was born in a country that would seem strange to you.

Pick up the language as you did your mother tongue.

Let it be survival of the fittest, but it's fastened and carefully directed.

Hideo turned the steering wheel sharply to avoid the bicyclist.

I don't think that's why Oscar isn't here.

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The curtain caught on fire.

I'll give you half of my share.

Tad is working just as hard.

Mittens are warmer than gloves.

Nelken is about to begin.

Barney has recently returned from Australia.

Is it more fun being a child or an adult?

Vicki drives like a maniac.

The annual migration of North America's monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon.

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First of all, you have no right to make conclusions. Second of all, your argument was based on an invalid assumption.

I borrow books from the city library.

Is that a new dress?

It wouldn't be very difficult for us to do that.

I'll become stronger.

Actually, Pam doesn't have insurance.

Lawrence's Noam's brother.

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Our work here isn't done.

He wears thick glasses.

The government listens to the people in the end.

Another patient has died.

Sanjib is good at avoiding fights.

Help me move this stone.

The last volume is missing from this set.

Pilar wants you to do it.

Working four days a week is great for errands.


It meant nothing.

I like the new guy. He's not afraid to take on challenging work.

I hope Pedro gets well soon.

Will you please come to my party?

Novo can do it in 10 minutes.