Almost everyone does that.

You're polite.

Ken shared the room with his elder brother.

The line to the ticket office is very long.

My father is at home.


It's going to take some time to sort out this mess.

You will find the scene just as you see it in this picture.

Some customs will never change.

Something is definitely missing.

You're all the same.

I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

I'll go and see if I can get Shankar to help.

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Physics is concerned with only the simplest cases.

The policeman wrote it down in his notebook.

Gil asked for a receipt.

My guess is that Vadim isn't having much fun.

He wrenched the letter from my hand.

I don't see a problem doing that.

What else can I get for you?


We had some visitors yesterday.

John came to Japan yesterday.

The politician tried to woo corporate interests, but as he was still an insignificant figure on the political scene, they weren't interested.

Win wants to spend more time with his family.

Pierce pulled some money out of his pocket.


The baby was named Peter after his grandfather.

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We have been friends ever since.

Feel the burn!

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

Don't tell your mother.

I've put on weight recently.

I go to my father's place twice a year.

I'll go tell the others what we need to do.


This car has the boot under the bonnet. The engine is in the back.


We don't have a plan.

She has special powers.

That seems familiar to me.

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Pete didn't know what needed to be done.


Can't you go faster?


Women who are happy with their premenopausal sex life are a lot more likely to be able to maintain that satisfaction post menopause.

Carol has been asking to see you.

Valeria put flowers on Albert's grave.

I don't think Suzanne is selfish.

They're coming back.


I told Dick the bank was closed.

Let's leave right away.

He needs ten hours to get dressed.

Maybe we should get some help.

May I remind you of your promise?


Censorious people delight in casting blame.


They went whale watching.

Paul is with him.

I have certain rights.

I'll see her in the morning.

He is busy doing something.

Has anybody left me any message?

He can't get on in the world.

You're going to love this.

This is a message for him.

Go back to your work.

Has he worked all day?

It's often very hard to acknowledge that you may have outgrown your friendship.

You seem to hate women.


She stayed there for several days.

You're always complaining about something.

If it rains, bring the washing in.


Don signed the documents.

There was no way out.

You have to be creative.

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The accident happened two hours ago.

He moved close to her.

Winnie is wearing a Harvard sweatshirt.

Whether we grew up in a Christian home, regardless of denomination, we used to bless and curse, salt water and fresh water coming from the same mouth.

As a practitioner of craniosacral therapy, Valentin is often denounced as a charlatan.

I would give you the moon if I could.

I assumed you might be busy.


Emily posted the picture on her wall.

We can do that for them.

They have no deep convictions.

The worst is yet to come.

The author lumps all the different European literatures together.

She is already back.

I almost did what you're accusing me of, but I didn't.

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The painted butterfly took blood into the air upon the edges of its wings. The stream ran red.

All the criminal charges were trumped-up and the three Taliban detainees had to be released.

He is no longer a child.


Is that what you mean?


I know Jelske is up to something.

Adlai isn't pulling his weight.

Keep your hands clean.

I think it's very dangerous.

I heard about it at first hand from my neighbor.

You can always improve.

Ian isn't cut out for teaching.

Could you bring it to me?

That should not have happened.

Stay in touch with the most important people in your life.

It seems that Jeff knows who she is.

Who made these rules?

They smiled at one another.

I prefer reading books to watching television.

We're grateful.


She admits knowing the secret.

Let's see if we can get this door open.

Your socks don't match.

The local government outlawed the production of alcoholic beverages.

It happened to me, too.

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For a while she did nothing but stare at me.

My mother spends a lot of money on clothes.

He would die within a month.


In politics there are no friends, only partners.

I think it's disgraceful.

Tarmi said that he doesn't care what other people think of him.

The group is introducing some songs from their new album.

It's hot and stuffy in here.

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I love being taken care of.


The fewer who know, the better.

I talked with her to my heart's content.

When do you expect to go abroad?

I'm not talking about that.

Jimmy never was strong.

Let's eat out tonight.

He kept walking all the day.

She is very much afraid of dogs.

I was the first to sign up.


Give it another shot.

Miami is the biggest city in Florida.

Think about tomorrow.

His great-grandfather looked ill.

It is, once again, completely erroneous!

His illness is without a cure.

What an unlucky boy I am!

Has anyone ever told you what really happened that day?

I won't hurt you.


The virus can easily infect a healthy person.

They go on with life without thinking about what they do.

When I came home, he was cooking dinner.

This is pretty sad.

And, to make the matter worse, he has taken to drinking.

You know something about this, don't you?

Only time will tell if he was right.

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I'm sure Ozan will be fine.

Trey thought about it for a moment.

I still have some feelings for her.

I think I've figured out which horse is most likely to win the race.

We're playing on the computer.


My luggage got lost.


Why is this website taking so long to load?

Columbus didn't know where he went or where he was, and he did it using money lent by a woman.

This is going to be fun.

What makes you think Cole had anything to do with it?

This is my third time to come here.

The art of getting appointments when telemarketting.

Does he have his own house in Japan?

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I want to better myself.

How about studying together in the library?

Donald put the plan into practice.


I'm feeling it.

Christophe thinks you're good at French, but I know you're not.

She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.

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What should I do in order to save time?

I'm pretty sure I'll be in Boston in October.

I could never replace you.

He is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

I moved nearer in order to hear better.


He roars and groans the Dnieper wide.