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Federal and State Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy

GARN Wood Heating System

“Simple, Efficient, and Durable”

EPA Approved Hydronic Heater

Winter Greenhouse Production

As demand increases for locally grown food farmers are expanding their production year-round. Heating with wood increases profits and sustainability.

Cordwood: Rural North America's Secure, Local, and Cost Efficient Heating Fuel

Move away from heating with oil and LP and get more heat for your dollar with wood.


We can provide you with wood fired hot water central heating equipment that meets your needs. Whether it’s a single home or multiple buildings.  With wood you can cut your heating bill in half.



Strengthen your business by moving away from expensive fossil fuels.  We have helped many businesses turn their waste stream into a fuel source, dramatically lowering their heating costs.

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Lower your operating costs and increase the production and sustainability of your farm, nursery, or cannabis operation.  Heating with wood will allow you to reach your markets year-round.

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