We'll be experiencing an Indian summer for the next few days, but after that, it'll be getting cold again.

What's the round-trip fare?

I need some paper, pencils, ink and so on.

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We elected Ms. Jordan chairperson.

The purple alien had 4 arms and 4 legs.

I haven't written any new poems in a long time.

Students have been protesting against the government's decision.

There's tea; I drank it; I'm happy.


She has scars that will last for the rest of her life.

I think she is good at dancing.

I'm too cheap to play anything but homebrew PC games.


He is driving very fast.


Where are the computers?


What was the result of Hotta's test?


Hy reached for a pen.


I'm going for oranges to the fruit store.

I don't like the neighborhood where Jess lives.

No matter how you do it, the results will be the same.

Stop inappropriate content the moment it is posted.

Let's consider the problem in all its bearings before making a decision.

The plan is incapable of alteration.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

He works hard all the year round.

I can't help feeling something's wrong.

Shane died on October 20, 2013.

My computer's acting strange.

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He abandoned his wife and children.

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Giles still looks unhappy.


Marcel left for home well over an hour ago.

How can you say such a silly thing?

Johnathan killed John in self-defence.

Has he worked all day?

Tell Stacey to call me.

The children were well looked after.

I bet it's fine tonight.

You can't just not go to work.

I'm not like most people.

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None of the students were late for school.

They are talking over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.

The weather varies from hour to hour.

I shouldn't have bought so much.

He didn't return my calls.

He went off in a hurry.

That painting is beautiful, and so is this one.

What did you just say?

I want you to do me one last favor.

Get off the lawn!

We never dated, but we kissed once.


I need the exact address so that I may go there.

He felt very tired.

The doctors couldn't determine the cause of death.


He yelled with pain.

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Damn you, you always have good luck!


He is frantically on the make.

I told Lloyd that wasn't true.

You always seem tired.

I'd like you to meet my wife.

We need to destroy this tape.

Their traditional life style no longer exists.

Do you remember what we used to say about Dave?

As I sat and played the dutar, I thought of you.

I don't want to waste a moment more.

The performers danced whilst singing - they performed extremely well.

My father sat reading the evening paper.

She flatters herself by thinking that she is beautiful.

Do you know where I can find him?

I was cold and wet.

I just want you to be safe.

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My grandfather will be seventy this year.

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Take every possible means.

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You are in serious trouble.

Mario can speak German as well as English.

I've got a bad stomachache.

I thought I was quite clear on that.

We'll do the best we can.

He as good as called me a liar.

He went out to see a movie. How was the movie? Good.

You weren't even there.

As soon as he arrives, I'll tell him.


I will watch it.

I wish to speak to Takao in private.

Ted stole something from my house.


My parents don't know.

Antony would never give up.

The book is the best present.

Was it hard for you to find my house?

She would never in the world marry Satou.

Joyce turned and walked out of the room.

The principal natural isotope of aluminium is aluminium-27.

The Amazon is fed by a large number of tributaries.

Look, Gregor, I'm tired of playing games.


No circumstance, no purpose, no law whatsoever can ever make licit an act which is intrinsically illicit.


You aren't dying.


If one is to save up the chicken feed every day, it will amount to a very substantial sum in a year.

By the way, have you ever been to Hokkaido?

My leg cramped up as I ran down the stairs to catch a train, and I had to sit down right there in the middle of the stairway.

Honesty seems to be rather at a discount.

What have you eaten today?


May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.

No one encouraged her.

That road is still under construction.


Vince is indispensable.


Lou never said goodbye.

Better run away right now!

It's going to be beautiful.


Let's eat the ice cream now before it melts.

I enjoy visiting exciting cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

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It is somewhat curious that the three persons whose names are the most universally recorded were of very obscure parentage.


He wants to talk to you.

I'm a total wreck.

Tricia is surrounded by beautiful women.

Christmas isn't like it used to be.

Lynnette is not proud of his past.

This game is basically designed for use with keyboard and gamepad but configuration can only be done by mouse.

No scam is too outrageous.

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By dint of pushing the words back to the beginning of the sentence, there only remained the two of them at the end: Vivek, Matthew.

What was the last concert you saw?

Don't stay in Boston.

Mr Smith was announced as the succeeding chairman.

We have the right to bear arms.

Srinivasan texts me all the time.



Your voice sounds different today.

What's your schedule like today?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.

I understand you were close to Pam.

Automobiles are made in factories.

Marsh doesn't like poker at all.

Jeannette was badly in debt for a while, but he's on his feet again.

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I didn't tell anybody about it.

Why am I stupid?

Antonio isn't competent.


Do you want to learn to play guitar?


You need to eat less and exercise more.

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Vicki was arrested for shoplifting.

Rajarshi knows how to listen attentively.

Cover the seeds with a little earth.


Don't get so nervous there is a plenty of time to answer all the questions.

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I didn't mean to make her cry.

It's garbage.

I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the party.

We need to tell you what to do.

The whole world went crazy.

Kevin and Hillary's kids looked adorable.

It's really confusing.

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Dad rarely gets back home before midnight.

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I thought you'd be interested to know that Wilson found a job.

She broke the rules.

What's the door locked for?

They are boring a hole.

I need you to talk to Knute about that.


I just want you to consider the possibility that you are wrong.

I don't feel that guilty.

Edmund wanted to cry.

I convinced him that he was wrong.

However, as living standards gradually came to rise, more and more people began to have their own bathrooms at home.


The elevator doors wouldn't open.