Cristina didn't mean to be rude.

I hate playing cards.

I didn't want to think about it.

I'll tell them that's not true.

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Everyone expresses his opinion.

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Rajesh knew he was being insulted.

It's better to drink in moderation.

I do not have a family.

The horse of a hurried man is often sick, but that of a lazy man often stumbles.

She's an art historian.

How did Kee get out of prison?

I hope Eugene hasn't changed the combination.

Where did we leave off last time?

I'm not boycotting you.


The nakedness of woman is the work of God.


Personal life of Larry Ewing was shared in a website.

Linda filed for a legal separation.

I think I'm going to stop now.

He looked at her with doey eyes.

It's me that went there yesterday.


The second lesson is very easy.

Children should be taught to speak the truth.

These are dangerous men.

I have an appointment with my uncle tomorrow.

The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers.

That could be a problem.

She fainted when she heard the terrible news.


The two regions differ in religion and culture.

This is a test sentence.

How high above sea level are we?


In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.

I think they'd be a perfect match for each other.

He reached into the case and stopped the pendulum.


This is his formula.

We just want you to tell the truth.

I'll start swimming very soon.


There was a swimming hole in the abandoned quarry where marble had been found years ago.

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If you ever have any problem with Dirk, I'll help you out.


She must have finished the work yesterday.


Benjamin and I are very close friends.

You should've apologized to Elisabeth for calling him names.

Why do you stay with her?

How did you handle the situation?

I admire your restraint.


To take an express train, we have to get an express ticket in addition to an ordinary ticket.

Urs was trying to pick the lock.

I have to clean that up.

He predicted there would be rain.

What kind of hair style would you like?

Men, dogs, fish, and birds are all animals.

I was made to cry for help.


It is true that he has a good fast ball, but he is often wild.


I told Yvonne that I didn't know that answer.

Claudia told me that he often drinks root beer, but he'd not only never drunk spruce beer, he'd never even heard of it.

I will have him repair this watch.


His illness is one of her chief anxieties.

The plumber pumped out the water in order to drain the pipe.

What are the world's three most frequently performed operas?

As to me, I agree to the plan.

We got what we asked for.

Rudolf is miserly.

You are your own worst enemy.

Let me stay here with you.

Language enable us to communicate with other people.

Go find somebody who can help.

Would you put those bags in the car?


There could be consequences.


Patty values your friendship.


The battery gave out.

Did you sign anything?

Elephants have long trunks.

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He who does not work, does not have the right to eat.

The doctor started to examine her.

I suffer from depression during the winter.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is called "Bosna i Hercegovina" in Bosnian.

You can swim much better than he can.

I was here last night.

It took us half an hour to set up the tent.

That could now change.

I ran into my teacher just as I left the store.

It's hopeless.

There are a lot of people in the waiting room.

It was long before he knew it.

All you have to do is wait until dark.

I knew you wouldn't want to go to Boston with Edith.

Your friendship is most precious to me.

You need to stop living in the past.

How did you manage to escape?

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Randy isn't going to hurt anybody else.

What have you been doing since you retired?

You mustn't forget to come and see me tomorrow morning.

I didn't know Jeffrey was going to do it.

According to what they say, that boy is very good at singing.

You knew Tommy needed you, didn't you?

I couldn't go to school for a whole week.

I can't afford to buy anything that expensive.

The dog will not harm you.

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I can't take this pain any more.


He is what we call a man of culture.


He brought me a coffee, in spite of that I'd asked for a tea.

I met Tony on my way home yesterday.

I think it's important for us to stay calm.

I can't imagine what Pedro sees in Lois.

Don't you think that's a bit odd?

Howard parked behind Fred's car.

That wasn't part of the plan.

Kriton is a professor of Chinese literature.

You should act more calmly.

The pigeon flew in the window.

Let's get Judy to bed.

I don't want her to be alone.

I couldn't call you. The telephone was out of order.


Sorry, but he is out now.

The news of her sudden death came like a bolt from the blue.

You're welcome to stay as long as you want.

Should we wait here for them?

How long do we stop here?

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That's still yours.

This rule applies to you as well.

How many spoonfuls of sugar do you usually put in your tea?

Revised left some money for Izumi.

Actually, the present method has plenty of room for improvement.

Murat has a meteorite collection.

I sure wish I could remember what Laura told me.

The man was traveling with a stolen passport.

If you mess with drugs, you're asking for trouble.

Everyone but him comes from Kyushu.

That policy could change.


The news left me wondering what would happen next.


We don't like math.


This takes top priority.

Check with them.

Do you want to eat something, Laurie?

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I threw up three times.

Why are these girls so cruel?

She informed me of her departure.


I'll have it in a couple days.


This story is short enough to read in one lesson.

Our two brothers wrought their common death.

A new branch to Haugesund will become the main effective road connection to Oslo and the East Norway for the entire western region.

Ramneek asked me for help when he was in trouble.

How crazy is Lana?


I wish you had been there.

What are you embarrassed about?

I brought some dessert.


Well there aren't any other positions left. After that, all that is left is basic member.

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Is all this really necessary?

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I hope you won't leave me here.

I'm filling in for her today.

Of course, I don't hate you.


Eliot took off his wig.

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You need to clean your windshield.


Joe rode his horse through the woods.

I can't express myself in French very well.

It looks like you're having a great time.

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He was arrested because he stole money.

He is sure of winning the game.

Sekar put up with the pain for a couple of weeks before finally going to the hospital.


Hein is just helping me get started.