You need to answer the question.

I'm not rejecting you.

Dreams tell the truth.

Have you checked the engine?

Darren's car won't start.

I'll work on that.


Can I have a doctor look at me?

Where were they?

She is Mr. Uda's secretary.

Manolis doesn't have to explain anything.

I'm trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

In old times people didn't think that the earth is round.

Jay is with his parents.

Billie has a visitor.

The milk turned sour.

I fully intend to do everything I said I would do.

You two are brothers, right?

Sorry for arriving late: I overslept.

It was a strange night.

I can't share that information with you.

He is American.


I'm taking off now.

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He wouldn't even tell me his name.

Your battery is running low.

Some people seem to want to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Valerie likes to pretend that he has a lot of money.

You may use my dictionary.

Roderick was sure Vickie didn't know how to drive a car.

I have to do my homework.

In my opinion, Esperanto is very important.

His name's Susumu.

Tal wants to get a dog.

She suffers from constant neuralgia.

I can be reasonable.

He referred his success to the good teaching he had had.

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Kim's smile is really nice.


He is of a good line.


People might say I'm old-fashioned, but I think that one shouldn't have sexual relationships before marriage.

Leo put his hand up.

My apprehensions were justified.


My shoes hurt. I'm in agony.

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It doesn't matter whether you come or not.

Her kindness gave me a lump in my throat.

Please just leave me alone.

For further details, read below.

I'll be back in a few months.

I understand her, but on the other hand I don't think she's right.

I hope I don't mess up today.

Sri doesn't play outdoors much.

I'll take that matter upon myself.

How much will it be?

I'm behind him.

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The store is not open today.


I'll go to Boston next week.

She took him to the zoo.

That's it! I've had it.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

What's the number?

I bathe every day.

That lady is over eighty.

Do you drink wine?

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.

It was strictly business.

It's a shame to stay indoors on a day like this.

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Who are you talking with?


Please show some consideration.

I know a girl whose father is a lawyer.

The mucous membrane is very sensitive.

I got through with my dignity intact.

She's just trying to manipulate you.

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The auction is over.

The company went out of business after many years of declining profits.

In the midst of the dollar falling hard against the Yen and other major Eastern currencies the Chinese Yuan, with China effectively taking a 'dollar peg' policy, has become cheap.

Don't let Mwa watch TV.

I'm going to buy you a watch.

Ken mistook you for me.

You have the same racket as I have.

This is happening too fast.

He tried to gain her affection.

Was he in New York yesterday?

Is your apartment well maintained?

I'll come right over.

I don't know what The wanted.

That can happen sometimes.

Come on, let's see what's happening.

Bill spends all day speaking French at school and only speaks English at home.

Workers can go on strike for higher wages, or for better working conditions.


I'm friends with the owner.

We're very sorry for your loss.

They got the prize.


That was our idea.


You aren't young.


The businessman is thinking of receding from the contract.

What Mariou really wanted was to be happy.

When will you be back home?

You should take a canteen full of water with you.

He looks very tired.

Would you pass the salt and pepper?

You don't really want to remain here, do you?

I've seen one many times.

I'll drive Curtis to school.

He is old enough to understand it.

It looks like it's going to rain, right?

You've given me nothing to believe in.

They were arguing about same-sex marriage.

That's the jacket I saw Ben wearing.

Do you plan to eat all of that yourself?

You and Meehan are welcome to stay for dinner.

We need not have hurried.

When was your last meal?

There are women to whom we make love, and those, to whom we speak about it.

He was along toward fifty.

Whatever happens, we need to stay together.


What're you doing in my apartment?

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Brandi's dog followed him into the house.

She went over the list to see if her name was there.

Bill, open the door.


I don't have time to waste.

I write articles regularly.

Jean-Christophe asked Wes who she was planning to go to Boston with.

I'm not sure I've got it right.

Lucifer quit his job last week.


She spoke wisely.

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You deserve that.

She advised him to visit Boston, because she thought it was the most beautiful city in the world.

I just picked the most expensive one.

George is home from college.

Marian has been waiting for half an hour.

There are roses around the steel building.

You'll learn a lot here.


I'll see you around.

I thought Jerome had gone to Boston.

Two second-class tickets to Boston, please.

Voters of the middling sort don't see it that way.

Waiter, please split the check.

Major has a beautiful smile.

His house is on the skirts of the city.

May I have another brochure?

We've grown apart.

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The waterways branch out across the plain.


Take Kevyn's weapon.

How much are eggs per dozen?

The substance can also destroy plants.


The concert has already started.

I hope you were not in my room again.

This glass contains water.

I thought she was your date.

I think you'll approve.

People tend to consider translation like algebra, with both sides of the equation being identical, when in fact it's more like a cover version of a song, where the tune is the same, but the arrangement is unique.

Carolyn and Mohammad aren't here right now.

John ran to the station so as to catch the last train.

Will you give this to us?

Don't be afraid of speaking in public.

Have you heard from Reinhard yet?

Eduardo is a very good friend.

Textbooks that claim otherwise sound dubious.

The Virgin Kyu is Jesus' mother.

Oh, the electricity has gone off.

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If you want to travel to a store located 10 km from your house, and you drive at 50 km/h, how long would it take you to get there?

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Raanan told Suresh that he wanted a divorce.


Wolfgang is definitely uncomfortable now.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

Have him come early tomorrow morning.

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All the people who were here have left.


My brother has never climbed Mt Fuji.

What on earth is the problem?

You can't ever tell Srinivas what happened.

I'm bringing home a pizza.

Real put his head down on the table.