I owe it entirely to him that I have thus far succeeded.

Your father seems very nice.

It's four o'clock by my watch.

After years of living on his own, Sumitro found it hard to adjust to living with Carolyn.

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We can't be happy together.

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I'm starting my revisions from next week.


He looks tired.

Margie didn't let his children go out at night.

Everyone is still here.

That didn't turn out too bad.

No words can express her deep sorrow.

This is just crazy.

This product shall be used for local consumption only.

Lance is always smoking.

I got tired with the work.

I should say he won't come.

Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everybody knows that.


Randall has a ranch.

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The children help out on the farm.

I'd like you to sing a song.

Empty your pockets!


I couldn't take your place.


I don't intend to answer any questions.

Angela is wearing his soccer uniform.

Skip didn't hit Nelken.


Is there anyone who speaks English?

Liza is my stepfather.

Under supervision, he treats his clients better.


I wanted to do that.

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Being a reporter is hard work.

She explained her reasons to us.

Stay out of sight.

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I speak French more fluently than I speak English.

The last time I read classical Japanese literature was in high school.

He kept reading the book.

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She runs the business with her daughters.

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Would you mind looking the other way for just a minute while I change my clothes?

I'm playing with my cat.

Does this skirt suit me?

That's not supposed to happen.

The doctor ordered that he take a rest.

There was a savour of bitterness in his voice.

Triantaphyllos has a remarkable memory.


Go there and talk to him.


He will have spent all his money by the end of the month.

She's an all-American girl.

He is not a friend, but an acquaintance.


It's Nicolas's turn to deal the cards.

Mr Davis looks very tired.

I'm supporting you from a distance!

Economists have predicted five of the last three recessions.

Do you have an explanation?

You may as well begin to prepare your lessons.

It didn't hurt.

I want a sandwich without cheese.

I want to be able to speak English fluently.

Why didn't you graduate from high school?

My name's Vilhelm, too.

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I saw a man with a red hat.

I went to France two years ago.

Scott is very driven, isn't he?

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Toward midnight, I fell asleep.

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I have not been able to go to school for a week.


Srinivasan visited Srikanth in jail.

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Is it ok if I help you?

This isn't like him.

I want to buy a more expensive watch.

I'd appreciate it if you would open a window.

Is his story true?


Carefully, the woman counted the money, and then said, "But you're still missing the 0.99."

Joe has never been there.

Never be afraid to make mistakes.

Hans is obnoxious.

Have you put winter tyres on your car, yet?


The shark seized him by the leg.

We don't say it that way around here.

She fell in love with an older man.

His novel proposal was accepted by everybody.

How did Jim get out of jail?


How long did you go out with Tony?

Arthur is a hippie.

He was ill, and so they were quiet.


Can you show me your boarding pass?


Because it was dinnertime, we sat at the dining table.

We are soul friends.

Gregor moved away from the window.


I fell in love with Mario.

Who is the tall guy with long dark hair playing the guitar?

We could see "Cabinet of Dr. Bagoff" written next to the door.

I had to crawl under the fence.

Why is anyone here?

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You're not a very good cook, are you?

Where do you speak French?

When did you arrive in Boston?


We need some info about the town.

I didn't do anything with Pontus.

I'm not sure what Knudsen was thinking.

She died a happy woman.

He can't speak English, can he?

Ram didn't seem to want to talk to Christophe.

Masanao is wearing what looks like a military uniform.

There is a bomb in the plane!

I cannot howl like a jackal. I'm a goat!

You do not need to thank me because you deserve everything the best.

Leila took a step backwards.


She went home and cried.


And when you talk to me, take off your hat.

I see the crimes commited every day on the street.

Hey, Molly, why don't you come?

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"When should we tell Theodore this?" "Now is the best time."


You're not going to get any more help from me.

I like to cut up wood in my backyard.

I have very heavy periods.

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You better tell the truth.

I hear you got married again.

An accident has just happened.

Randal has been talking about you all day.

Last year I listened to radio.

Shahid seems to have changed his mind about staying.

Ilya has gone to the store.

Is there a mall near here?

My daughter Murray is my pride, and my son Kusum is my joy.

Geoff didn't need to take a taxi. He could have walked.

My new job leaves me little time to socialize.

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Becky is just not good at dancing.

I really do wish you'd help us.

Oh, just fill out this form.

That boggles the mind.

I like it when you talk dirty to me!

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Behold thou art fair, O my love, behold thou art fair!

The evening meal is served between 9 and 12.

I'll burn the midnight oil tonight.

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People in the village still talked about the horrible way Dominic had died.

We've picked the winners!

Tell Gypsy I'm ready.

We're pretty booked up.

She played the piano accompaniment for a violin solo.

Perry was imprisoned for life at a state penitentiary.

He kept complaining so much, without doing anything to help, that I finally had to tell him to fish or cut bait.

We know what you're looking for.

I didn't know what else to say.


Is it too much?

For my part, I don't travel to go somewhere in particular. I travel for travel's sake. The main thing is to move.

What kind of support is required?

We'll never get past those sentries.

I understand what you meant.

These are for you.

How did it go, Sherman?

He has not less than five children.

I turned on the lamp.

I ran into Ken at the park.

Silence is golden.

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The views of the two politicians collide violently.

To the best of my knowledge, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

It's necessary that you fulfill your plans.


The capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is only 115 kilometres away from Chandigarh.

Cats kill rats.

I wonder how he's going to react.


The things in which you glory you must not consider a crime in others!