We should be the last people on earth to approve of the use of atomic energy for military purposes.

Have you guys seen them?

It's no use blaming each other, we need to find solutions.

If all went according to her plan, she would be in great demand.

Are you sure you don't know what this is?

Don't look at her enviously.

We come as a packaged deal.

Santa is uncertain what he should do.

I shvitzed the whole day while schlepping that dreck around.

Terri doesn't look too good.


That's my point exactly.

Allan and Junior's father are not big fans of Fetty Wap's music, even claiming that he's "ruined rap forever", meanwhile; Junior absolutely loves his music.

Both of them are unpredictable and impatient.

Please come on time.

There's a lot of mess to clear up.

Since he is very late, he may have met with an accident on his way.

Nothing will be the same.

I don't want Kerry in this room.

Fear of pollution discouraged people from building homes near power plants.

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It looks a lot worse than it is.

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Is Saul in position?


I'm not sure I can afford it.

Jordan is good at French, but he's a lot better at English.

There's something I want you to hear.


I'm going to need a copy.

Then what happened?

I don't want you to make the same mistake I made.

Kemal doesn't believe in God.

I figured it out alone.

You don't think I have anything better to do in life?

What's the purpose of your trip?

Be careful with that knife.

The child tumbled down the stairs.

She claims to have seen kobolds.

I don't consider him honest.


Dinner is probably ready by now.


I would not be the same without you.

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I heard you.

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I'll surprise them.

What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?

What's the longest French word you know?

I'm an experienced fogey in tiredness.

"What's that?" "How am I supposed to know?"

This seems kind of expensive.

I'm not fat.

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I slept well last night.

He hurried to the house, but was disappointed to find it empty.

Sergeant told me about the new plan.


You love her.

You'll have to ask him that.

We are related by blood.

Safety fears have been a problem since Chernobyl in nineteen nighty six.

Refer to the Users' Guide if you have any problems.

Do you think Mayo followed Michael's advice?

She'll certainly keep the promise she made to him.

It was the poor who died youngest.

I was bored with his old jokes.

I was the star of the show.

This can only end in tears.

Tanaka has always been my staunchest ally at work.

I'm boiling with anger.

I know you and Elliot have had some problems.

He's super hot.

Part keeps very careful records.

He was the first to enter the room.

I went all over her curves, all night, without wearying.

What do you think they'll do to me?

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I think his method of teaching has good points and bad points.

Hisao's face was as pale as that of a corpse.

We have five English lessons a week.

Aimee became the center of attention.

The young man was at a loss.

Mikael told me that I didn't have permission to do that.

I think Jingbai used to love me.


If you're so demanding of others, you should also be demanding of yourself.


Could you excuse us a second?

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I'll pay for your lunch today.

Antonio has some family in Boston.

None of the money is yours.

Kee's doctor told him to quit smoking.

She wants children.

It may or may not be true.

I'm eating a sandwich for an eating contest.

I've got to see them.

Barry wants to know when we're going to come over and help him.

Everybody knows the news.

I can't believe we're doing this.

How do you like your beef stew?

She was in a great hurry.


I couldn't resist the urge to applaud.

I used to beat my wife.

He can speak French.


Exactly what was supposed to happen?

Everything seemed to change.

The debate over which consultant to use went on for hours.

The performance of the learners in German schools is graded according to a scale 1 to 6.

What makes you think I want to spend Christmas with Pim?

This is the book I've been looking for.

The sled accelerated as it went down the icy slope.

What'll we do if Dominick is late?

I'm a teacher.

Rick asked me to help.

Did you bring the book?

This painting is attributed to Picasso.

I know how special you are.


I don't like his rude manner.

We should proceed with great caution.

She tried to kill herself many times.

Dan didn't even imagine this.

We should have bought another bottle of wine.

You needed a coat.

It is imperative that we should encourage participatory forms of decision-making.

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Just give me one, will you?

I'll see Vice tomorrow morning.

Leonard, could you lend me ten dollars?

Malaclypse helped Piete get into her wheelchair.

Kamel is supposed to meet Damone at 2:30.

We are happy to see you.

He seldom gets angry.

Copper conducts electricity well.

She drove them there by car.

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Maureen buried himself under his blanket.

Tell me what you did on your holidays.

Everybody used to call him Tony.

She closes the door.

Taurus is foolish.

It appears that she has a secret.

What did you expect me to give you?

We have many schools.

The shoes were made of some soft stuff that looked like leather.

His behavior won general applause.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.


Lend us a hand.

She's a bright student.

Keep practicing.

Tickets are $3 each or three for $8.

Is that an area you are familiar with?

Is this French?

I am afraid your watch is two minutes slow.


He sat with his legs crossed.


What I really want is something hot to eat.

I'd like to give it to him.

The roses bloom in spring.

Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.

Have you thought any more about what you're going to do next summer?


Just don't stop.


At the moment I am not thirsty.

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It's good to try new things once in a while.

Loukas's ego has been bruised.

He can speak French and German, not to mention English.

It was good of you to give up your seat.

You have it all backwards.


Kaj usually walks to school with Randall.


I can't handle two nights in a row with Rich.

I want to have a little chat with you about Martyn.

I cannot complain to the teacher. She's very hard.

I met Bjorne last summer just after I moved to Boston.

The price is three hundred dollars.

Tell Arthur I want my belongings returned to me immediately.

You did well.

Antonio prefers speaking French.

Did Raphael let you borrow his umbrella?

Why didn't they come back?

You promised me you'd talk to Vladimir.

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I'll come with Barrett.


We know why you did it.


He's the most handsome man I've ever met.

Would you mind telling me why you're here?

Everything is going as it should.