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Core Services


Voice over IP services focuses on providing you with reliable PBX based services.

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Is virtualization right for your business? Our Infrastructure architecting services will help you find answers.

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Our 24 x7 monitoring service ensure the your systems are up and available. "Daily Health Checks" allow you know your systems are ready!

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Data backup services focus keeping the information your company generates safe and properly protected 365 days a year.

Welcome to Interlinx

Interlinx Business Solutions Inc. provide businesses with data backup services, IP Telephony solutions, and IT architecting services.  We are not an outsourcing company that believes we can do the job better that the staff you already have.  Instead we solve information technology challenges for our customers while providing direction in selecting the right technology to meet company objectives.

In today's fast-changing technology landscape, companies don't always have the expertise required to address ever changing corporate computing needs. Our role is to provide a set common services designed to help your team stay ahead of the changes.  We'll provide guidance, design, and project management required to take you over the next technology challenge.

Interlinx solutions address both internal and external facing needs. You might say we take the guess work out of making your system work.  Our services can be attained on an as needed basis, so you can use them when its convienient for you.

Our Approach:

Interlinx solutions and services center around you, your company, and the data needed to keep your company moving ahead. We believe the information generated by your business is the most valuable asset your company has.  Protecting it  (and the infrastructure that generates it) is what Interlinx does best.

Customer Tools:

From backup services that ensures your data is available and protected to architecting services that keep your business one step ahead of the competition, we provide the tools that allow you to stay on top of your infrastructure and keep your business moving.