Dreams come true.

We'd never hire Kit.

Have you found your ticket yet?

Matthew has been lying about that.

We are interrupting this broadcast to bring you a special news report.

They will not accept any excuses for not joining the meeting.

Wait in the lobby.


You never know what's going to happen next.

When did you get to know me?

Truth is in wine.

I don't want to harm you.

I need to talk to someone.

You don't need to know that.

She needed to make sense of it all.

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I've done that many times.

Most of the people I chat with on WhatsApp are not from Brazil.

The doctor insisted that he stay in bed.

That's complicating the matter.

What you're saying is interesting but hardly germane to the topic at hand.

It is true that Rik is a strict father.

He studied hard so he wouldn't fail.

Though she is rich, she is not happy.

Markus put me in command.

Chemical products account for approximately two-thirds of our exports.

The new President is well spoken of.

Find an empty bottle and fill it with water.

It was obvious that he was trying to get her attention.


I've played this piece of music before.

I am Egyptian.

My father does not always walk to work.

I have exams from dawn till dusk.

The second showing will start soon.

He worked as a truck driver in Norway.

Have you met anyone else?

Things are looking good.

How much is that all together?

I've never known anyone like Ginny.

Christofer didn't see a thing.


Geoffrey knew what Amanda was cooking.

Before that, we had better make sure of the fact.

This fact shows us that he is innocent.

He reflected on his errors.

Is that why you came to see me?

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Where do you get your hair done?


Look at that smoke.


She needs a hand.


I suppose it couldn't be helped.

Please get out of here as quickly as you can.

Turkey is usually eaten on Thanksgiving.

You can't let Dirk suffer.

His wife leads him by the nose.

Please remain perfectly still.

How could you? Is our relationship really so cold?


The homework is due next week.


Evidence that Harrison did not intend this work to be a parody can be seen in his letter to Mrs. Evans.

Kemal says he might dye his goatee red and green for Christmas.

Dimetry was deeply impressed.

Pedestrians carry a high risk in traffic.

I'd love to come and visit if I had the time.


He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends with benefits.

I want to give you something rare.

I would also like to know.

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If you don't ask for something, you'll never get it.


I'll get him a present.

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Don't you have any shame at all?

The aquifer provides water for irrigation.

Randy gets very emotional.


Let's take a ten-minute break.

I majored in European history at university.

Do not come back, OK?


We've decided to postpone the meeting till next Monday.


You can't put him off until tomorrow?

What do you know about this place?

She is too young to go to school.

I'm so happy you came.

We fought hard.

I'll turn over a new leaf and study English very hard.

Shall I walk you home?

Chris got a very good grade on that difficult homework assignment.

I congratulate you on wining first prize in the speech contest.

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Sugar draws ants.

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I'll say no more.


I wonder what's inside the box.

Malus doesn't have great people skills.

Everybody's at risk.


I like her all the better for her naughtiness.

Countless people wait their turn in front of the butcher's.

In Haiti, there was a large earthquake.

The German course lasts one semester.

This is a hilarious story!

In fact, you could do anything you wanted in order to get or keep the ball.

Compare your sentence with the one that's on the board.

Does he speak Portuguese?

It isn't good.

He danced like a leaf in the autumn wind.

Bumblebees are furry.

John had been lazy before he met you.

Classes are starting again soon.

I'm not your little sister.

He helped me.

Butler wouldn't hurt anybody.

I think it's unlikely that any store would sell this model for that price.

Assia Djebar is an Algerian author.

I do not understand.

I didn't quite know what to say.

Nobody believed in my country.

You cannot be too careful in riding a bicycle.

Don't do anything you wouldn't want somebody to catch you doing if you died while doing it.

Can we postpone the trip?

I think I can explain what happened.

In the egg yolk, there are more proteins than in egg whites.

You need to stay away from them.

I watched a movie with Shaw.

Do you know how to make ice cream?

Esperanto is a language for the whole world.

You had better ask him in advance how much it will cost.

I have to change clothes.

I'm not interfering.

I didn't know my nose was broken.

He wasn't foolish enough to tell that story around her.

Regarding clothing, he is hard to please.

Never tell a lie again.

He's been an emotional wreck ever since he found out about his wife's affair.

There used to be a bookstore on that corner.

They all loved her.

She was eased of her duties.


You're no longer a spring chicken.


Be polite to our clients, then they will pay you.


You should help Hank.


There is no need to worry about shortages for the moment.

From the look on his face, he is in a bad mood now.

My mother died the same day I got married.

The poor young man finally became a great artist.

The boats on the lake make a beautiful scene.

It's hot and stuffy in here.

She's Argentinian.

Do you remember where Samuel lives?

Tell her that I am helping Taninna with her homework.


I think Jean-Pierre needs something.

The squirrel made a nest in the wood pile.

She drove a van.


His heart beat fast at the news.

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Who discovered America?


You do understand, don't you?

Something happened.

I want to become a teacher.

What a beautiful sweater!

I can talk Hans out of this.

I have a dog.

It was a strange night.

His writing is impossible to read.

Some animals change gender.

Tell the cops the truth.

I need an aspirin.

Merril confessed to the police that he was the murderer.

She is plain and stout as popular stars go.

Ning may come tomorrow morning.

If you have a fever, it would be a good idea to go to the hospital right away.

In Sendai we have much rain in July.

I knew you'd be late.

I saw Erik and Sanche making out.

At least let me give you some money.

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They cost just 50 dollars, and I'll give you two cans of shoe polish free as well.

As the crow flies, it's about 20 miles from here.

My roommate is so disgusting.

You need to sleep.

Everyone laughed except Roger.


One does not wear a red mini skirt to a funeral.