The poor girl went blind.

Hell is paved with good intentions.

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Fill the tires with air.

Were you and Svante kissing in front of the house last night?

What would you do if you had great wealth?

Where does this road lead?

What happened freaked them out.


We usually call him Toshi.

Do you think I don't understand what your plan consists in?

Brazil was discovered 515 years ago.

You're blocking my view.

The elbow is the joint between the arm and forearm.

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

As it was late at night and I was very tired, I put up at an inn.

There was an explosion, and before anyone could say Jack Robinson, the airplane burst into flame and fell.

There may be some truth to this.

The family dined together.

One of Jupiter's moons, Io, has active volcanoes on it.

It follows from this that he was aware of the fact.

Sue wouldn't hurt Lindsey, would he?


Do you want sugar?

Confucius said: "He who does not drink tea is a fool."

Formal dress must be worn.

He never speaks of his own job.

Is that a red pen?

He did everything with great impetus.

His car is two years old.

I wanted to see him.

There is not much I can do to help, I am afraid.

Each season has its own beauty.

Sanjib and Dave are both right.

Five different contractors made the renovations.

Jelske asked me why I was unhappy.

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Could you talk to Sridharan?

The sick boy is in a critical condition.

I'll keep it for them.

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I don't care what happens, I'm still going to tell your parents.

I left the door open.

Here is a fit space for whiling away.

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We're not entirely sure why Kenn did what he did.

Which has the biggest brain, an elephant or a person?

That'll be a big achievement.

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Lana has never been so happy.


I saw a car through the window.

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Children should be kept away from the pond.

Which is the best way to travel?

Bush doesn't like torture.


I'm sorry that I can't meet you tonight.


She got full marks by memorizing the whole lesson.


Where were you when I really needed your help?

I'm planning to buy a house and will need to earn a lot of money.

I don't have a son named Sedovic.

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I put my helmet on.

Sunday is followed by Monday.

Prices have jumped.


He lay face up.

What bee has stung you?

The teacher gave us a lot of homework.

It's been three years since Saiid died.

You will not speak to me like that.

A hundred billion castaways are looking for a home.

I'll give these puppies to whoever likes dogs.


You trust people too much.


How much severance pay did you get?

He had proposed to me in front of the church.

I don't think any of us should go.

You were fortunate to be here.

He came to understand it at last.

Lucy's cute, but she's got an atrocious character.

Quite by chance, I met my old friend in the airport.

As a result, he gets something which technically is correct, but in its essence is just a mockery.

Between you and me, I don't like our new team captain.

Who is he?

They lied about taking the money.

I didn't understand the point of this.

When was the last time you played an acoustic guitar?


I really look up to my English teacher, Mr Taniguchi.


There is an urgent need for a new system.

Milner seems uncomfortable.

I know Chuck's wife.


Pablo scolded Varda for not treating John with respect.

Some Asians seek more technological solutions.

There seems to be something wrong with this clock.

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Hui is very fast, isn't he?

The scolded boy was sobbing.

He was not an apt person for the task.


Mayo hates sitting in traffic.

Do you really think you're the first one to ask me that question?

I make the rules.

No, there is no such a thing.

I just redecorated.

How soon can I meet Leigh?

I can't be late.

I decided not to do such a foolish thing.

Jacobson bought his son a car.

Do not take any notice of him.

How long will you be home?

You're going to have fun.

May I speak with you for a moment?

Ravindranath explained it to me, but I still couldn't understand it.

He does not have any relatives at all.

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She is not beautiful.

We wouldn't take such junk even as a gift.

Finding a solution that worked was a process of trial and error.


Dan demanded to see the manager.

I found my father's diary which he kept for 30 years.

When I asked him if he knew where she was he just shrugged his shoulders.

Malloy changed his diet.

My dream is to lead a quiet life in the country.

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What is important is to keep this in mind.

I can't calculate as fast as he.

She applied for a job at the company that had not only bribed local officials but also caused huge problems for her own family.

I'm happy for this opportunity.

I smiled and pretended I was happy.

I borrowed your pillow.

Speak fast.


Her real name is Lisa.


If it rains, the game will be canceled.

You must request the latest version of the software.

A ghost writer is a writer who writes for someone else, and the latter, for practical purposes, is considered the sole author.

Why don't you come over after work today?

We're not doing anything you wouldn't approve of.

Pascal refused to help Piotr.

He studied until two in the morning before the test.

Don't you know how?

That's not an option.

The wall is white on the inside and green on the outside.

Faced with a massive online attack, Tatoeba adopted a policy of martial law.


You're right again.

Just between ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed.

Under the cartoon, he wrote "Get your hot dogs!"

He can't be all bad.

I'm glad you were able to be with your parents on Christmas Day.

I'll leave Boston tonight.

It was extremely cold.

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When a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker, I'm appreciative.

I really want to meet her.

Judith stretched out on the grass and fell asleep.

You called me at bad time. Sorry, I'm busy.

Approximately 4.9 percent of Finns are Finland-Swedes. In other words, people with Swedish as their mother tongue.

That's a pretty lame joke. Did you come up with it yourself?

Robert kept singing.

She was always finding fault with me.

I believe in early rising.

Tharen says he has other things to worry about.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.


Hume attracted a crowd of children as soon as he started playing his bongos.

I was unable to look her in the face.

He never goes out fishing without taking his son.

I'm a bit shy.

Did you enjoy the party yesterday?

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

I think I'll buy a new car.

We have potassium in our bodies.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.

Irving has been living in the woods by himself for the last three years.

They were forced to kill and eat several of their horses.

John's mother looks so young that she is often mistaken as John's older sister.

We have discussed the problem several times but to no avail.

I bought it for 10 dollars.

What's your intention?

Is everyone here with the CIA?

Penny's closest friend is Laurianne.

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The last time Brodie and Liyuan went out for dinner, Cristi paid.


What does she do in the summer?

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Can you stop doing that?

They were nice.

I don't want a full-time job.