VPrizes | Engage Players | Cloud Backend for Applications | Real Prizes for virtual Tournaments in your games

The dream of a developer to converge everything to one simple system. That's VPrizes.

Just make games and have fun, leave the hard part to VPrizes so you can easily manage them from our dashboard.


Cloud Backend

Control and modify your game in realtime with VPrizes Cloud Backend without updating your app.


Engage your players

With VPrizes Tournaments games see an increase in total time spent, number of sessions and user retention.



See how players interact with your game and deliver the right content with advanced data & demographic filters.


Prizes & Rewards

Give real prizes on your VPrizes Tournaments. Your players will love to compete for awesome prizes!

Reward players with free products, gift cards, and more from top brands.


VPrizes support multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows, Web, OUYA, GameStick, and more.
Integrating with VPrizes is easy.

We support the following plugins.


Apps using VPrizes

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