Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.

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Leora has come to pick up his children.

Since I was tired, I took a nap.

You should come work for me.

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Why did I buy flowers?! Why are you asking me a question like that? I bought them because I wanted to buy them, ok!

I like to watch baseball games.

Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible concatenations, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in point of fact, religious.

She keeps his room clean.

Why is that?

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Give me a half-kilo of meat.

Babur established the Mughal Empire.

Don't worry about making mistakes.

We've got a lot more work to do before we can go home.

Would you please leave?

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I quit smoking three years ago.

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His advice inclined me to change my mind.

We're in the garden.

We were talking about Shuvra.


Reid ate both of my sandwiches.

He is in want of money.

I come home from work about seven every day.


He makes mistakes like everyone else.

Check in, please.

Do you have any interest in sports?

What time is it now in Boston?

Do you deny that?


I've made lots of friends.

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He wants to apply for Jobseeker's Allowance.

Matthew didn't want Earl to think he was a wimp.

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

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He cut off a slice of meat.

Some board members questioned his ability to run the corporation.

We're unlucky.

It's a pity Billy isn't able to be with us today.

We have a dishwasher.


You are a good cook, aren't you?

Someone has to pay the price.

Coffee and cigarettes.

I'm sorry I didn't come by last night.

Something frightened them.

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Okay, let's get back to the matter at hand.

We don't have classes today.

That swimsuit looks really good on you.


Where is he now?


This ticket entitles the bearer to one chocolate ice cream.


Where are you going to?

They're going to the war.

Right now, things are tense.


I don't have any time for you right now.


Can you make it?


Gale got rid of his old car.


He can't afford a new car.

Ginny didn't plan on running into anyone he knew.

You should escape from here if you can.

Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D.

He went on trial charged with murdering her wife.


Ramesh and Ranjit are planning to vote for the same candidate.

I have to make some calls.

Dreams tell the truth.

RAID-1 focuses on reliability, at the expense of storage size.

That's it! I'm raising all taxes in Hyrule by fifty thousand rupees!


I just heard someone scream.

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From this point we go on to an even more detailed examination of the concept of repression.

We're rich.

This looks like a good photo opportunity.

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He shed innocent blood just for kicks.

The company manufactures a wide variety of musical instruments.

There are times in everyone's life when you want to live alone.

I was about to go out when he came to see me.

He made up his mind to keep a diary every day.

The bartender threw Glynn out of the bar.

Everybody's in bed.


What was about to happen?


That'll be a lot of fun, I think.

We all die sooner or later.

Do you really like the way Niall does that?

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My husband usually doesn't understand what I mean.


He arrived at the station at seven.

When you see Herve, you'll understand.

Old and crippled, he had courage enough to do the work.


It started a chain reaction.

After much effort, he ended up with a contract.

Galaxies are classified by scientists according to their shape and appearance.


The doctor said you shouldn't scratch your wounds.

The toilet won't stop running.

This message is for him.

What's the minimum salary in Lebanon?

The authoritarian manager rewards sycophants and punishes anyone who suggests possible improvements to practices and procedures.

Who's your favorite fashion designer?

I often do my homework before dinner.

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Skydiving is not my idea of fun.

You have to change trains at the next stop.

We realized it was pointless.

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If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?


What is the right time?


I felt a little stiff.

Could I have it?

I decided against doing that.


I want to go to the store where Pamela works.


He does not get up early.

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Stephan is now my girlfriend.

Did I wake Pascal up?

I thought you were a man.

Please tell me the secret to making good jam.

It was no one's fault.

Water is more expensive than beer at this restaurant.

Have you ever spoken to Roger in French?


I sometimes visit my friends' homes.

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I managed to get out of the crowd.

My bookcase is deep enough to take large dictionaries.

She started laughing.


He works for an American company.

Don't be afraid, I'm here.

I think you know everyone here.

The problem here isn't her.

I feel so lonely when you're not here.


Is the mid-autumn festival on Monday this year?

He likes beans.

The province is rich in mineral resources.

They had better cut down their living expenses.

I'm sharing my flat with my brother.


I expected Sanjay to be late.

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Kerri had solar panels installed on the roof of his house.


Sjaak said he'll look after me.


Sabrina didn't quite understand why everybody was looking at him.

Raanan heard the alarm.

All American bills are similar in color.

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Watching the football game on television was fun.

I don't know anything about it at all.

Aladin found a wonderful lamp.


We may be late for school.

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Gilles will have to do it by himself.

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Vicki asked Blaine to water the flowers in his garden while he was gone.


I've got nothing to say right now.


I'm willing to spend a lot for a piano.

Carisa and Maarten got married in Maryland.

I hate being ill.


I can't stand this kind of movie.

May we ask you to remit in full settlement at your earliest convenience?

We'll speak to them later.

We can all sleep well now.

A sleeping child is like an angel.

The store can supply us with anything we need.

Let's eat our food before it gets cold.


Dan doesn't appear to be paying attention.

I really like Jason's voice in this song.

The dog is brown, small, and thin.