6 months to 2 years

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2 to 3 years

Pre-school education

3 to 5 years old


Your child will receive the most appropriate environment and exposure that will enable him/her to explore and grow through interesting as well as learning activities, all of which aid in his/her mental and physical growth.

Our Values

Every child is respected because of their uniqueness. Children are given opportunities to learn and develop to their full potential.

Our promise

We guarantee to take care and educate your children and they will be under the supervision of our trusted and professional daycare staff. .

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Our goals

To provide parents the confidence , security and flexibility they need through complete and comprehensive childcare services

Things we do

We offer programs and activities to be able to reach out with children and make them feel secured and confident in their environment.

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Our Teaching Team

Our team is 100% CPR trained and certified,

which is supported in its professional growth and with ongoing professional development opportunities.

What Makes Kordex Daycare Special?

Extended Care

At Kordex Daycare, our main aim is to provide parents the ease and flexibility that they need given their tough schedules and routines.

Summer Fun

During the summer, our day care facility transforms to what we call as “Summer of Fun”.

Development tools
Strong developmental Enviroment

We have the best staff that will ensure the strong physical, emotional, cognitive and mental development of your children..

Hour Glass
We fully invest in our children

Kordex is the ideal daycare for your kid and will serve to be very beneficial for your kid not only in the short-run but also in his/her future academics and extracurricular..