Let's go in there.

Do you study by discussing?

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I thought we should start celebrating.


He was in bed with a cold.

There's a lot of red tape involved in this procedure.

Saify is said to have been a great singer in her youth.


He has lost face.

Something's terribly wrong.

Now you know how I feel.

I saw a white cloud sailing across the sky.

Naoto and Klaudia still haven't seen each other since he went off to college.

Sharon and Lou got married three years ago, but only stayed married for about three months.

Would you like us to bring anything to the dinner?

I hope you're having fun.

Would you like to have some coffee?


I must do as Miriam wishes.

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Don't let Sigurd talk to anyone.


I am very glad to see you.


I don't even know your address.

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He only kissed me once.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is also known as Japan's Lady Gaga.

The rain came down in earnest.

I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow.

We're not going back there.

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Dan came back home tired.

She had a cow when she heard the news.

The German Chancellor is plagued by immigration problems.

Don't bother to deny it.

The decision was in favor of the defendant.

Would you mind staying home and taking care of the children?

I went to the station to see my brother off.

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Andre was the first one on the bus.


I never touched Galen.

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Will you pay off the damages in full on the dot?


Most of my traveling companions were nice.

Little minds have little worries, big minds have no time for worries.

Malloy still hasn't quite learned the rules of the game.

We'll share our food with them.

Is there a doctor on board?

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She says that she likes flowers.

We live in a house.

She washes her skirt.

How long will it take by plane?

I want to leave my farm to my grandchildren.

Birds sing early in the morning.

I felt a chill when I went out of the house.

You're not coming, are you?

I would've told you earlier, but I didn't want to ruin dinner.

That water tower holds a three-day supply.

Why don't you just shut up?

I never agreed to anything like this.

Please pass it to the other boys.

I really wish I could do more.

Clark hasn't heard from Gigi since last June.

I've been involved in a filthy trade.

I don't diet anymore, I just try to eat healthy, exercise, and if I lose weight, great.


This is my home.

I still think this is a mistake.

How much does the job pay?

He's kind of handsome.

Hi. How are you?

Galen told me not to say anything.

Our university usually starts on April 1st.

What's the big deal?!

Owing to the storm, they arrived late.


Do not try to catch me!

He used to suffer from severe nasal congestion.

We didn't expect guests.

Deb can't speak French without making mistakes.

In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth.

I need to find a new hiding place.

Here's the letter from her.

It made me laugh out loud.

The wood is alive with birds.

Tanaka wondered what Kuldip wanted him to say.

All the days went by, one like another.


Ginny had trouble peeling the apple with his pocket knife.

I don't remember that happening.

Don't get mad.


The work will be finished at six.

I have a history of liver trouble.

Do you know how to use this kind of chain saw?


This movie was very interesting.


Carisa cried until he ran out of tears.

The colour of Esperanto is green.

They were caught on camera kissing.

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Don't tell Gypsy what really happened.

I don't know why Jean-Pierre didn't just tell us.

You aren't going to call my parents, are you?

The typhoon is increasing in strength.

Those particular persons will run.

Eli is losing his concentration.

It's really difficult to pedal!

Tuan is a perfectionist.

What must be done when a patient has convulsions?

Marta loves you.

We didn't do that.

You're actually asking two questions there.

It's exciting.

An oil leak was contained by a beaver dam in Alberta.

Owen knows that Marnix won't be coming.

Can I have your full name?

Andreas admitted his guilt.

I had the exact same feeling.

They continued the experiment day and night.

The father of this president was also a president.

Shai cried as he read Todd's letter.


Japanese management must learn how to deal with American workers, he said.

Men quickly get used to a good relationship, and I say it's good to shake things up a little once in a while.

The couple decided to adopt an orphan.

We'll help you look for Harry.

I'm jealous of him.


His mother said that he had been sick in bed for five weeks.

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The company has already established its fame as a robot manufacturing company.

Mechael has to finish this work by 2:30.

You'd tell me if I was wrong, wouldn't you?


I'll clean my room tomorrow.

What a surprise!

Ralph shoots up about $150 of heroin a day.

We have a composting toilet.

We already have your name on the list.

What have you told them?

Do you ask your friends to lend you money?

Has Billy been fighting with Eugene?

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center conducts weekly measurements of Russians trust politicians

We're all very excited about it.

Tal was tickled pink.


My glasses keep slipping down my nose.


Spring is around the corner.


I really want to meet Cary.

These are harmful views.

The incidence of OCD is greatest among teens and young adults.


How did that occur to you?

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There have been a lot of complaints about the way Cary behaves.

He lit another cigarette, but immediately put it out.

I'll buy you a drink.

Antony still remembers you.

Although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be achieved easily.


I haven't met him in person, but I know of him.

I didn't leave.

A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

I'm going to stay at your countryhouse for a couple of days, and I think you don't mind.

Esperanto, with its 130-year history and abundant literature, can be mastered in one tenth of the time required for learning one of the widespread national languages.


We have to change our plans.

My elder sister is afraid of all doctors.

The protestor was shot, but survived.

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It was not my fault.

I never made a mistake.

There's still a real lot to do. Let's get into it!

I'm listening to this band.

Take me home.

Oh, if only we could be as shy and timid in our shameful actions as we are in our proper ones!

It may rain any minute.

You're reading my mind.

Gypsy managed to put out the fire by himself.

Who taught you how to speak French?

Sundays I don't go to school.

I look after you.

I was away.


Shame on you both.

Oh, that's so cool.

The soldiers' food supply is running out.

You'd better ask Leora.

I wonder how it would feel like to be a man.

I believe I made myself clear.

A bad penny always turns up.