What do you think they're planning to do with all that money?

I come from a long line of doctors.

Boyd went back to the drawing board.

They help us.

Erwin is a good-looking guy.

It is in the cards that he will succeed.


It's very important to me.

We have changed.

Rodger didn't even offer to help Deb.

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He could not believe his ears.


He is my best friend.

I'm very sorry.

There is no path through fire.

Happy christening!

The hen had very short legs, so she was called "Chickie short legs." She laid good eggs, and her mistress loved her as if she had been her own child.

Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

The government invests little in education.

Does it often snow in the winter here?

Did the car look old?


That quarrel distanced him from his father.

My job is giving me a stomachache.

I don't want to use aging as an excuse to go soft in the middle.

What's Shahid going to do for us?

I'll be thirty years old in October.

I love the Norwegian winter.

Leo and Kayvan were very hungry.

Everyone except Neil and Suwandi are already here.

She just laughed the matter off.


Many people are not comfortable with suppository medicine.

Geoff strung a clothesline between the two trees.

Are you sure there's nothing else I can do for you?

I was in such a hurry that I left my bag behind.

Lost in thought, Thuan watched the sky as he smoked a cigarette.

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Micheal had a real rough day.


The press confirmed the rumors.

They backed me up in everything.

We want everybody to vote.

I'm glad I watched the game.

Can you give us a minute?

The spell was broken and the pig turned into a man.

That's all I can give you right now.

I am at lunch.

Let's start with this bottle of wine.

Lois doesn't watch war movies.

I slept all day yesterday, because it was Sunday.

Briggs handed me a sandwich.

Help me fold these blankets and put them away.

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Why did you not go to Boston?

I'd like to say that I understand it all very well, but you can understand such only if you've felt it on your own back.

I visited my father's hometown last summer.

I know you're frustrated.

It's good to try new things once in a while.


Elizabeth is turning blue.


The green water is not suitable for drinking.


I don't think we should touch anything.


Being a teacher is hard work.


He's mowing his lawn.

I thought I'd say hello to him.

Lungs, heart, veins, arteries and capillaries form the cardiovascular system.

Have you ever built a house?

Curdken was very angry, and wouldn't speak to her.


I've told you what I think.

Who's going to notice?

Conrad has just finished his report.

Police think the fire was deliberately lit.

The tea leaves all point to a merger, if you ask me.

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It's been a hard night for him.

The old clock is still in use.

He woke Hume up.

He is devoid of humor.

I saw it after the seven o'clock news.

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You don't want to know it!

The two teams debated on the issue of nuclear power.

Just reading the medicine made the cough go away.

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Japanese cars sell well overseas.

Roll up those magazines.

The explanation of each fact took a long time.

They just want someone to blame.

Saiid cooked an impressive dinner.


They know who I am.

The doctor told Dewey that he should eat a lot of vegetables.

I want to go to Hawaii next spring.

He didn't have any accomplice.

It was piercingly cold outside.

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It's fun out here.

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You survived.

John stayed in bed all day instead of going to work.

I knew it would happen this way.

Take a rest, or you will be worn out.

She was clinging to her father.

He's under the thumb.

My dad keeps on telling bad jokes like: "Are you fed up of going to Fedup's?".

Tatoeba was closed for Christmas.

You are bound to regret it in future if you are so lazy now.


Bring your money.


I put in for a transfer.

I got a horrible shock when I saw the car accident.

Khaki shorts with cargo pockets do not make you an adventurer.

Don't say that you can't do it before trying. You're not even doing it so how can you say that you can't do it?

I went to the hotel by cab.

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It is an hour's drive from here to there.

I don't remember asking for it.

I want pizza!

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We didn't have much trouble.

Darren has never had to work hard in his entire life.

Hey, that smells good.

Pete and I have been friends since grade school.

Major doesn't seem to be heading in the right direction.

Kay and Roberta detest each other.

"You should write a novel or something." "Nah, I don't think so. I can't see myself coming up with anything good, anyways."

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Bobby has been living in Boston since 2013.

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I usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

This is pretty extreme.

She boasts that she's good at cooking.


Travel agents may be left in the firing line after a bungle from Singapore Airlines saw business fares sold at economy prices.


I got the secret out of Mr Yoshida.

Why do we need to find them?

I go to church.


Merat just doesn't know what to do.

I'll explain it all later.

English is not the language of the world. It's the language of the Anglosaxon Empire.


He is still not old enough to go there all alone.

Ned took Trent's picture with his iPhone.

Simon sends about 100 text messages a day.

I am a man.

The loud noise gave me a terrible fright.

She's dancing with another man.

Suresh told me someone was trying to kill him.

The clock is striking four.

Can you really learn a language in a month?


Though repeated, it is still a great story!

I don't think Ruth is ready.

I want a chamomile tea.

Who said we were going to die?

I lent my pencil to him.


You don't have to be so shy about it.

Your ears pop when the plane takes off.

We'll be here all week.

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How many elephants are left in Africa?

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Did you study French yesterday?

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Do you want to use a platter or a tray?

I'll get Valentin's home address.

Cary is qualified to be a heart surgeon.

Fluency in English is a very marketable skill today.

Teruyuki was generous.

He can speak French, and obviously English.

I must have left them on my desk.

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That's the new manager.

What have we got to lose?

She asked me a question.

He has a deep insight into human psychology.

I'd like to book a table for four for tomorrow night.

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It's so clean.


He has a potbelly.

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I need a pair of scissors.


I don't think I can love two people at the same time.


Needless to say, dealing in rice is a declining industry.


She took the news calmly.