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Before Einstein, scientists used to think that space had no end.

Kari works sloppily.

What could've changed Roberta's mind?

I come from a broken home.

Why didn't he come yesterday?

I need to make better use of my free time.

You're just cowards.


Thank you so much for being here.

We can go there without having to inform them.

Mikael gave the waiter a very good tip.


Please forgive me for forgetting to call you.

I have plans Saturday night.

I lost interest in collecting stamps.

There's no such thing as perfection.

You must leave for Nagoya now.


She is drinking the water.

May I call on you some day?

Dan was forced into an unhappy marriage with girl he had never loved.

Do you think she would forgive me?

Could you please call him into the meeting?

I'm afraid I can't make a nine o'clock appointment.

I can see just as well as you can.


I will explain it for you.


If anything can be done in America, it can be done in New York.


I can write good stories when I feel like it.

I appreciate what you did yesterday.

We have investigated his criminal record.

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Ask Howard about what happened.

It's a well-known fact.

This isn't really true.


I gave him my phone number.


I couldn't sleep well last night because there were lots of things on my mind.

Anyway, it's not your problem.

If you saw me the way that I look right now, I'm sure you wouldn't even recognize me.

Surrounded by his children, he began his story.

He thought that it would be interesting and fun.

The boat was under sail.

I won't let her down.

He sends us flowers.

Father and his companion will sow corn on the next hill.

It's not actually raining yet.

You're supposed to be helping him.

I realize how frustrated you must be.

The novel ends with the heroine's death.


This is expired.


Isn't this what you wanted?

I know who she is.

I'm just doing my best.

I am talking about your lover. It is about him that I am talking.

This deodorant leaves white stains on the shirt.

The oldest woman in the village was the one who picked his name at birth.

I wasn't prepared for this surprise.

The girl coming in at the door now is always late.

There's a pattern here.

Those made it on time.

With a mild, bright night like today, I always feel like going for a stroll at midnight.

Alison has tested positive for anabolic steroids.

That you will pass the exam is certain.


All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Vistlik and Robin had three children.

This is an extremely good deal for students or business people who travel and want a light laptop.

The soldier lay in agony on the bed.

We went out in spite of the rain.

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I've got to tell Brandy.


I don't even know your name.

Nothing can be gained without effort.

They try the rice.

I have done it before.

We need additional talented people.

They did it again.

I'll pay with travelers' checks.

Who does want change?

What? I can't hear you guys.


Can you give him first aid?


It's a TV.


I really want to go to Egypt.

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He was released from prison immediately after the war.

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My neighbor is what we call a nosy person.

We're going to work on that.

She disappeared.

Sunil and I have known each other since we were kids.

I didn't know you had company.

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I can't get this lid off.

She spoke for 30 minutes without a break.

Many people admire Nikko.

I thought I would die of laughter.

Are those yours?

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It's much safer here than where Carsten is.

I gave Ralph thirty dollars.

Jock is going blind.

Every teacher does their best.

Devon and Tobias did some brainstorming.

I spoke to him by telephone.

Loukas didn't specify how many pencils to buy.

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Is that why Naren left?

I have a callus on the sole of my foot.

I get up around seven.

Claudia is interviewing Michel.

Myrick says that he's very rich.

I'm a little hesitant to ask a favor of that person.

I need it now.


She would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.

This may sound like blowing my own horn, but ...

The essence of Japanese culture could never be appreciated by them.

How did it come out?

Merril is one of my drinking buddies.

I don't want Ozan to see it.

The text of the national anthem of Canada was first written in French.

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When her uncle died, Gerard came into fortune.

I don't mind if I do!

This is the worst thing I've ever done.

I will call you in a few minutes.

He took out a piece of paper.

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Squirrels eat seeds and nuts, as well as insects and mushrooms.

I don't expect anything.

It tastes like tea.

Everybody says I look like my father.

It's indisputably the best method.


Rupert never mentioned you once.


Mr Suzuki is not a dentist but a physician.

The industry is heavily dependent on government funding.

You must not give up.

My father often washes the dishes.

I'm continuing to drink more than I should.

Thank you for your instruction. It really helped.

I wrote to him for quite another reason.


The Battle of San Jacinto began at four o'clock in the afternoon.


They went along and along, but they couldn't seem to find just the right place.


It's nice to see him so happy.

That was a good trick.

I don't have a lot of time right now.

Valentin should have no problem doing that.

She never talked about it.

I don't care if he has twenty girlfriends.

I'm not on duty.

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What's your nickname?

Johnathan didn't even have the decency to wait for me to finish talking.

The door opened and a man walked in.


Toufic looked very cranky in the photo.

The weather varies from day to day.

My flight will depart in an hour.

I was the first to read the letter.

Sometimes, life is so unfair.

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Courtney could tell Ning was interested.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Oleg pried open the door.

It's an extremely complicated process.

I'm nervous.

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You're going to need this.

I told Werner I was interested.

Donald gave Page a message.

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When do you eat turkey?

He's not at all stupid.

We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.

Why wouldn't you listen to his advice?

What's that disgusting smell?

Coleen isn't conservative.

What would you normally do?


The rash never came back.

I know I heard something.

He said we must keep the secret.


You should come and live with me.