Let me fix dinner for you.

The prospects aren't very bright.

Ability is the only factor considered in promoting employees.

After he had given a lecture, he had an interview with some students.

He paused to look at the poster.

I just organized my desk.


Do you know why Pat left Boston?


Do you recognize the man in this photo?

Randal doesn't want to go to school anymore.

Srivatsan thinks Ramesh is beautiful.

Randell leaned forward and tapped the cab driver on the shoulder.

This system of linear equations has exactly one solution.

Is it still for sale?

She has confidence in Sofoklis.

I've been banned from the art room.

Do as he tells you.

This must be important.

I don't totally understand that.


How could you forget it?

Dwayne has done a superb job.

I wish it didn't matter.

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Why are you cutting up the meat?

Yesterday afternoon I wrote a letter.

I've made you a sack lunch.

This isn't going to be easy.

I lent my umbrella to Rich.


Mariou has three sisters.

My prescription is ready at the pharmacist's.

I never heard anything like that.

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I've always wanted to live in a place like this.


There's nothing out of the ordinary.


What are the constituents of a gin and tonic?

She's younger than him.

Girls, you're gorgeous!

Let's take turns rowing the boat.

You're prudent.


Girls aren't complicated. Men are simple.

Delbert and Tracey got married in 2013.

I don't need you telling me what to do.

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Herve lives on this street.

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Can we still catch the 6:00 Shinkansen?

During the morning of March 20, 2015, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the Faroe Islands, located northwest of Scotland, and the Svalbard Islands, located east of Greenland.

Do you guys think she'd go out with me?

He makes it a point to remember each one of our birthdays.

He's a powerful sorcerer.

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Kikki lived in a convent for a few months.

You should make good use of your time.

If the more advanced want to improve English ability (especially reading comprehension) increasing vocabulary is the way to go.

Dan planned to buy an island in Canada.

Kimberly didn't care to stay.

I've already dealt with that problem.

It is always dark beneath the oil lamp.


Unsatisfied libido is responsible for producing all art and literature.


I can recommend a good lawyer.

I've been told that Clara won't be here today.

You deserve more than that.


She burst into the room.

I cared about her.

At the end of the year in Japan, concerts of Beethoven's Ninth are held in various regions as if it's an annual event.

A cow goes moo, a cat goes meow.

I don't have time to argue with you.

He was educated at a public school.

There were various articles in the room.

Alvin wondered why he had never seen Revised here before.

He acted in his own interest.


Can you guess my age?

Who will you give the first piece of cake to?

Perhaps you should go elsewhere.

My whole body is black and blue.

I just gave them one.

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As long as you won't face the truth, you will cry in vain.

We can get started right away.

That's one of my New Year's resolutions.

Strange to say, she suddenly disappeared.

There was music.

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There is no returning on the road of life.

It's still Monday.

Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?

This boy never lies.

What is most important is your strong will to master English.

What are your other choices?

This is food, you don't play around with it.

They fled the town after the earthquake.

Douglas finally agreed to talk with Lincoln.


We need to be aware of the value of time.


Which would you rather do, go to the cinema or stay at home?

We had better cancel the hike.

If there is a suitable occasion, I'll introduce you to him.

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He is the tallest of his class.


They'll come looking for him.

The mist cleared.

He ran a hand through his hair.

We got lost while driving.

The pair of them is coming.

If you want to borrow some of my clothes, ask first.

She didn't pay me the money.

Poor as he is, he is generous.

This spider is very common in Southern Africa.

We probably should've talked about this before now.

I don't think television will take the place of books.


Neville used to be a taxi driver.

The author shows a great talent in the creation of his characters.

Didn't you fix the pump?

Ellen is a community leader.

My apartment was robbed last week.

We have lots of snow in the winter.

Please tell me Taurus is OK.


They don't look so happy, do they?


Will you find me?

Keep at it!

Continue your investigations.

I had to hide my money.

I love the genuine smiles!

The dying man made an effort to say something, but could not.

I can't fight this.

Marty is unfortunate.

Have a seat.


Don't you tend to get carsick?


I agreed to meet Tammy next Monday.

Now I understand everything.

Ramanan saw the cat.

I like Japanese food and customs, so it follows that I like living in Japan.

We are accustomed to wearing shoes.

I no longer want to visit Boston.

You can't judge a person by appearance, just as you can't measure the sea with a pint pot.

What would you say in this context?

Tal wouldn't allow us to help him.

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Blood is flowing from the wound at the back of her head.

We got along great.

It is a good idea asking him for help.

Do you have the same thing in a different color?

I think it's them.


I have a son in junior high school.


I was afraid I'd be late.

Hal is still wet behind the ears.

Mariou used to live in this neighborhood.


I feel all hopeful about...

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A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.

I expect you to follow my orders.

Isabelle's trial resumes Monday.

And a lot more.

Police are warning people not to leave pets and children in cars in today's excessive heat.

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People cling on to life more than anything - a funny idea, given all the beautiful things that exist in the world.

I am so hungry and lunch is not ready.

Take his car keys.


I traveled all through France.


Lisa is chatting with his friends.

I've got someone with me.

Noam looks bewildered.

None of them were present at the meeting.

Did you really see Anthony in the park?

She rarely stays home on Sundays.

I checked the time on the clock.

Do you want it or not?

Have a nice day.


What's this supposed to mean?

Who doesn't know such a simple proverb?

They murdered her.

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Do you think Larry trusts us?

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I love my plants.

Kevyn didn't eat much.

It's midnight already.