By simply changing the orientation of a house in relation to the sun, you can save up to thirty percent of the energy required or wasted for heating or cooling it.

You may go home early today if you like.

Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

The meeting dragged on for three and a half hours.

I don't like to be made a fuss about.

There we are!

Miki speaks Spanish, and so does Betty.

We got ready.


That's how you want to rule Italy?

Let me speak to Debi first.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Yes, I understand.

Did you like your first class?

My opinion is exactly the opposite of yours.

Judy won't want to wait.

He yelled out an order to the soldiers.

There's someone with them.

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Ah, if you can dub it, can I ask for a copy as well?

I have an appointment I don't want to be late for.

One glance at his face told me that he was reluctant to work.

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Since the note was written in French, it was easy for me to read.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

Huashi wondered how many pairs of shoes Cyrus owned.

Get out of my bed.

What other explanation can there be?

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A big fire broke out after the earthquake.

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Ralph was tired.

I guess I could use the company.

When did you meet her?

Butler thinks we should leave early.

Such conduct does not become a gentleman.

I don't think I have ever been this hungry before.

Common sense is not so common.

You're not from around here, are you?

I haven't seen you in years.

Women are always buying hats.

What're you listening to?


I told him to wear sunblock.

Her eyes, a deep blue, were quite impressive.

Turn it around.


In the morning I always drink a cup of coffee.

Werner brought home a basket full of plums that he had picked himself.

She waved him goodbye.

Did you buy flowers?

He understood the negative outcomes of being wasteful.


He eats nothing else but fruit.

Jagath asked me when I would be going to Australia.

Do you have a telephone?

They may not know about it.

I live in a European country.

I saw her at the funeral today.

I was ready for Shai.

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Gabriel loves to cook.

Do you know where I can go online?

They have a nice house.

They will understand.

It may have rained a little last night.

What're you guys looking for?

Sherman handed the empty bottle to Straka.

I am in the habit of going for a drive on Sundays.

Floria has changed his mind about that.

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Dan didn't even go upstairs.


It was not until yesterday that I knew her name.

How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone?

I never learned how to write.

I assume that Loyd will eat dinner with us this evening.

Do you think participation in the community enhances your study?

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Do you know who that guy is?

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You've never told me your name.

It is the snake that tempts Eve.

Vince is somewhat arrogant.

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Mayo would never admit that.

What are you and Moe doing tomorrow?

I'm resting.

You know, I came across him in the street the other day, we stopped to chat.

Could you carry this shopping bag for me?

I still haven't thanked you for the other day. I really appreciate it.

Two soldiers kept guard at the gate.

It caught me by surprise.

"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.


Sharada usually eats a sandwich for lunch.

Is that where it happened?

I've talked to Daniele.


There were three ships closing in at reckless speeds.


You don't need to tell me.


It is not impossible just because no one has done it before.

I was so scared that I could hardly think.

The people from Madrid are lunatics.


She must have seen us.

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She enclosed a little dark chocolate in her valentine.

While Sue was picking blackberries, the thorny canes scratched his arms and legs several times. "Next time I do this," he told Belinda, "I'll be sure to wear long sleeves so that I don't get so many little scratches."

John ran like crazy to the train station to catch the last train.

How about walking to the top of the hill?

I love hanging out with my friends.

We make our own rules.

Karl is an outgoing sort of person.

These grapes don't taste good. Where have you bought them?

As soon as the dog heard his master's voice, off he ran like a shot.

What a lovely view!

It would have been nice if Sue had listened more closely to what was said.

I wonder what it would take to get Olaf to help.

So now he landed back in the same company, but this time not in the office chair, but rather upside down on the concrete staircase.

Tatoeba: Did you think that microchipping members with their sentences is far-fetched?

Sedovic is going to be out for a while.

I would have bought this watch if it wasn't this expensive.

You can't use that.


Smoking is banned in restaurants and bars.

Debi isn't all that rich, is he?

My daughter is in hospital because she was injured in a traffic accident.

We have nothing left to lose.

Do you think I need to go?


It began to rain cats and dogs.

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Aaron doesn't feel well.

The people are friendly here.

Terrence forgave Julianto breaking her promise.

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I didn't know that woman at all.

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I wish I had an 80-yen stamp.

Jeany didn't want to blow his cover.

You seem confident.

Damon never said anything about what happened.

They'll take care of Anita.


Eva and Gregg kissed one another.


Cristopher usually keeps things to himself.


What else happened yesterday?


Hello! Welcome to my aquarium!

Sho has always been a model student.

You are skinny.

Everybody made for the door at the signal.

What do you charge for guitar lessons?

Sharan is a doll.

They aren't quarreling, but are rehearsing a play.

He's my biological father.

He's a very nice and respectful young man.

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Did you believe them?


I told them to study more.

It may well snow tomorrow night.

Eric has been really good to me.

I love life because what more is there.

Are you up?


The prisoner is being quiet in the cell today.

Alain didn't have a chance to visit Real that last time he was in Boston.

You were my friend.


I don't care for green tea.

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Are you going to hide?


The police found Linda's shirt in Dan's room.

The student received a perfect score on the exam.

Ram is playing Pacman.

Some holy men affected sackcloth and ashes.

In the Redwall universe, stoats are one of the villain species.


Carlo and his brother had a major falling-out over who had been left what in their mother's will.

Don't worry about the result of the test.

Dan is a brave man. He's not afraid of neighborhood bullies like you.


We are cheeping like sparrows.

Leads Miller worked through his experiences in childhood and youth in his three-part autobiographical novel "Sigurd and Antony", which is also his main work.

We called the party a great success.

I don't love her, not even if she loves me.

Admission is free during Christmas break.

They were after them.

He invested 500,000 yen in stocks.

Sonja has three cameras.

You may as well make friends with people who need you.


It would be a waste of energy to tell a hair-raising story to a bald man.