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The doctor tried hard to save the wounded boy.

I know you speak French.

The bottle contained wine.

I don't like baths.

The Sun is the biggest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99% of the solar system's mass.

My job is taking care of the baby.

Mickey looked a little pale.


Wendell's clothes were old, but clean.

Let me show you how to chop onions without crying.

At last he fell into so great despair that he thought he would put an end to his own life, and for this purpose laid hold of the sword that the Princess had given him; but on drawing it from its sheath he noticed that there was some writing on one side of the blade. He looked at this, and read there, "You will find me in the Blue Mountains."

I got up early, so that I could catch the first train.

Herbert seems mesmerized.


I'd like to go riding.

I don't know what day he'll come.

If you want to go, then go. If you don't want to, then forget about it.

Her condition turned for the worse yesterday.

Ah, I forgot to ask. Before you said you hadn't seen he umbrella. Have you found it since?

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Horst let us know that he wasn't interested in working for us.

Have you ever donated blood?

We are used to eating plain food.

What flower is blue?

I thought you didn't know him.

In exchange I gave her a doll.

My mother is good at cooking.

Unfortunately, we have no choices but a certain buffer zone

Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda talked to Ken's teacher.

She's a night owl.

We listened with great care, not missing a single word.

These scissors are suitable for left and right-handed people.

I almost kissed her.

Tell me you're joking!

I cannot stop him.

She's the only one who doesn't know.

I want this.

Yesterday my bicycle was stolen while I was doing some shopping.

They also built a sand castle.


Who did you expect?

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Maybe we should stop by and see Kieran.

That'll cost you extra.

You've got to stop her.

Cecilia is a timid boy.

Now that Father is gone, we can talk freely.

It's no trouble.

My sister has a job.

He comes into contact with all kinds of people.

Bernard can move objects with his mind.

He replied that he knew nothing about it.

If you turn a blind eye to something, you ignore it.

No one was listening to Martha.

Please find out where she is.

I think it's unlikely that any store would sell this model for that price.

Galen thinks it will rain tomorrow.


That movie is just swords and sorcery in space.


We find Ariel's work satisfactory.


I don't know why we say it like that, we just do.

Sometimes cows are killed by coyotes.

Don't you think this is ridiculous?


The length of the article is not to exceed 1000 words.

The women really gave it their utmost.

He reads the paper every morning.

Her tears burst forth.

At last he came to.

I need to leave for a while.

We are going to have a baby.

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Claudia wouldn't believe me.

I wish I had the chance to learn Russian.

I think it's time to start helping Alexander a bit more.


We didn't reach any conclusions.

I'm not planting their trees.

What on earth did you take me for?

I'm feeling tired.

Jordan is called "Al-Urdun" in Arabic.

That last lecture was so boring. I was on the verge of falling asleep through most of it.

After a long day at work, nothing is better than a good night's sleep.

Jesper was married and then he got divorced.

And because Deal is very near continental Europe, it's always been one of the first areas of Britain to be invaded.

I love the color scarlet!

Krzysztof had no one to talk to.


I hope that's satisfactory.

I prepared breakfast for myself.

"I'll be back in a minute," he added.

Is Jones that good?

I'm saving as much as I can.

It cost me a lot of money to build a new house.

Enough! Be quiet! I'll take care of you later.


I wish Andrew would help around the house more often.

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I think that Esperanto is a difficult language.

Marie just sat there and said nothing.

Mr Smith forgot to take his commuter ticket.

I believe we understand each other.

That guitar never sounded so good when I played it.


I was disappointed.


What other excuse could I have?

Dylan didn't mention where he'd been.

The whole family is enjoying good health.

He slept with the window open.

I'll do whatever I can to help you.

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I had to look after Annard for two hours this afternoon.

His joke made us all laugh.

I have the feeling that I've met that guy before.

Is there anything to drink?

Frances ripped open the envelope.

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Robin knew how to do that.

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It is the calm before the storm.

I need caffeine.

I am with you.

Maureen and Lynnette aren't likely to ever see each other again.

I think you will approve.

This is kind of sudden, isn't it?

Lui looked out across the water.


We're slowly nearing the end.


If Nate and Barney work on it together, there shouldn't be any problems.

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He said the words in a very small voice.


She tends to forget her promises.

You said so the other day, didn't you?

How many different ways do you know how to cook eggs?

What do you want to do? Go home?

Melanie put the vase on the table.


Madness is repeating the same experience, expecting the results to be different.


Alex was abruptly woken from his slumber by loud banging on the front door.


You'll never see me back here again.

They don't work at night.

It could be exciting.

We won't tell anyone.

I told them not to do this.


Please tell the others everything you've just told me.

Srikanth didn't kiss anyone.

She loves her boyfriend.

Where are you from anyway?

You don't like chocolate anyway, right?

I'm not one of your employees.

Dawson looked at them closely.

You have no right to do this.

Let me go tell Dawn that you're here.

Donn is clearly not happy.

I think what Gerard told us wasn't the truth.

Wipe your nose.

We've decided to hire him.

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I'll get my son to go instead of going myself.

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How many months have you been pregnant?

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True friendship is invaluable.

Malcolm has an organ donor card in his wallet.

Mott is psychic.

I told you to be home by midnight.

We want to help, but we can't.


Sometimes I get carried away.

Ray and Ti were busy.

All our food was rotten.


Is the sky blue? Yes.

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I want to keep doing this for as long as possible.

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I barely knew them.

But the coffee's not good.

This refrigerator has an integrated ice and water dispenser.

I really wonder how much the inheritance tax will amount to.

You have to go on living.

Tomorrow, it'll be worse.

These are simple sentences.

You've all underestimated her.

Amanda didn't say where he had been.

A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

Does that taste good?

I stayed there for three days.

I don't want him to come.


"I don't like Randal." "That makes two of us."