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At we are dedicated to bringing singles closer. Here connecting with that special someone and form a long lasting relationship is as easy as a click of a button. Hundreds of thousands of single men and single women in your area are creating profiles and looking for their match right now. No need to spend hours at a local book store or coffee shop to seek a date. Now you can browse singles alike from everywhere around the world by simply signing up. We proud of what we do, hundreds of couples were formed here in our community. We are dedicated to providing the best online dating and mingling experience possible. This is why we offer unlimited communication to all of our members. Message, Talk, Friend and comment on your favorite singles profiles! We hope to see you in our group soon and can't wait to hear another happy story.


thank you

After some time dating (somewhat long-distance) relationship, we became engaged. Today is our anniversary, so we are writing with great thanks! We want people thinking about joining to know that it really is possible to make e-dating work, even long distance, if you're flexible, dedicated, and willing to make the effort when the right one comes along.

Thank you, - Our lives are transformed!

A simple thanks

We both believed in online dating as we thought that it is difficult to find that special one randomly on the street, in a café or a bar. Online dating made our relationship possible. Thank you for bringing us together!


biggest fans

Rich and I are your biggest fans! After multiple unsuccessful relationships, on both of our parts we could not believe that an online dating site would really deliver what it promised. And now here we are writing a happy story;) Thank you so much, without you it would have never be possible!

Thanks for the connection!

meant to be

I was really impressed with how fast I was able to find someone to really connect with. I always thought that online dating will be even more difficult then meeting in real life, oh how wrong I was. I found Lea within the first three days browsing and we went on our first date a day later. It was like meant to be, we really could not be happier!

Thank you so much!