He took a taxi to the hospital.

Aren't you even curious?

I've got a suggestion.

The English breakfast is a great invention, just not at breakfast time.

We concluded, however that the price of 5,000,000 yen was too high.

Let us know where you'll be.

The fruit from this tree is sweeter than the fruit from that one.

He wants to make fun of me.

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We may need to do more.

They made fun of my clothes.

I would like to share a short story with you.

Malloy wanted to finish cleaning the house before Barry got home.

How long does it take from here to your house on foot?

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I'm game for it.

I think that this image is relevant to our discussion from yesterday.

I'm going to make myself happy.

Stay together, no matter what happens.

You haven't downloaded that app yet?


He was ambitious.

I was very impressed.

Pull yourself together and stop crying.

I've never heard you talk like that.

The little girl never smiles at anyone other than Emily.

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Compared to our house, his is virtually a palace.

He always feels cold because he does not have enough fatty layering on his body.

How can you stand that fierce heat all day?

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I am well acquainted with him.


He was deep in debt, and had to part with his house.

Is that your wife?

What kind of contest was it?


There's no telling what Jennifer will do.


All I want now is a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

She left the baby crying.

Ross is going to sing us something.

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He will be back in a day or two.


I'm Pratapwant and I'm an alcoholic.

I loathe you.

There's nothing much to buy.


The IMF ruled out any new loans to that country.

We finally forced Maureen to admit it.

She found her purse under the desk.


Everybody knows it except me.


You're being missed so much.

I'll come back for him.

Monty'll say what he always says.

Traveling by sea is a lot of fun.

The man controlled the country for fifty years.

I'd like that very much.

You're not the only one here who wants to go home early.

He's eating Uzbek pilaf at the restaurant now.

I know Sharan doesn't like me very much.

As compared with the English, we are too near-sighted.

Is that because you are in Cannington right now?

My cellphone fell on the floor.

I follow orders.

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He got a D.

Have a good life.

He did it for his sister.

Rajesh agreed to give us an interview.

I was really worried about you.

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I can't get a hold of Jan.


It was shorter than he expected.

I'm counting on you not to let our secret leak out.

One of Hamilton's friends explained the rules.

Murray is hiding from Betsy.

I'd never seen Pilar cry before.

I've explained the situation to Chris.

Is there somebody you want to talk to?

Stephanie became a car salesman, just like his dad.

It sounds like you still love Juha.

I began to feel as if I had haplessly tumbled down into this crazy wonderland.

This is how he earned so much money.

This world's salvation lies only in the heart of the human being, in its ability to reflect, in humility and responsibility.

That could take several months.

I need to know who'll be coming.

I won't get in the way.

Fritz's older than me.

Everybody in the car said they wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

Do you think we shouldn't have told Surya about this?

Donal likes to listen to music from the eighties.

Varda usually loses at blackjack.

Christie is waiting for Mohammad's answer.

I told Eddie to meet me here.

Let's dance.

This word doesn't exist in French.

Jane did warn Joon.

I arrived at Narita the day before yesterday.

It rained yesterday afternoon.

Are they ready yet?

Hans isn't always happy.

They're not stupid.

Malcolm swims better than I do.

We're all on the same side.

Sedat is thirty minutes late already.

I think no one knows.

Darryl told me about a place where I could eat for cheap.

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Sanand said he would come to the wedding.


I couldn't live without you.

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He doesn't mingle with the villagers.

Where will everybody sleep?

We're not on particularly friendly terms.


Can I leave my bag here?

The general cut a distinguished figure in his dress uniform.

This is how I solved the problem.

Do we have to help them?

Look, I've changed my mind.


This computer is dying along with my interest in computers.

All religions want peace, it's the others who want war.

Elliot can't help wondering whether he would have been better off if he had gone to college.

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Tears gathered in her eyes.

Just like Jupiter, Saturn emits twice as much heat as it absorbs from the Sun indicating it also has an internal heat source.

From that moment on, he felt undying hatred for his oppressors.


The eating of delicious food is one of the most intense and poignant pleasures of life.

Do you write short stories?

Potentially, this disease could kill thousands.

He was promoted by virtue of his abilities.

I thought I could get more.

All donations are tax deductible.

Construction materials are expensive at the moment.


My father gave me a new fountain pen.

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I'm getting divorced.

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Klaudia does almost everything around here.

Each door has a detachable slide that can be used as a raft.

The boy is afraid to go to bed in the dark.

Is there some reason you don't want us to come?

The rebels made a barricade across the road.

Bob charged 3 dollars an hour for mowing lawns.

Research requires a lot of energy, but it's worth the effort.

When the full moon, gleaming silver, rises over the horizon, it seems significantly larger than when it has progressed farther on its nightly path, standing high in the heavens. Amazingly, this is an optical illusion.

I'll go to Shadow.


He comes of good stock.

I don't know how can you stand that guy.

The text isn't divided too well.

They discarded unnecessary things.

Jane never backs down.


She doesn't look like her mom.

You swim better than I do.

I had dinner with her.

The ground is parched and cracked, the tinder-dry grass crackles underfoot, and rain is desperately needed in our region.

I wonder what has made him change his mind.

The number of traffic accidents has increased in recent years.

I was upset.

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I don't think Sabrina is listening to me.

People say she was an actress when she was young.

Some beaches had failed to comply with environmental regulations.

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On Friday I help Mother make Challa for Sabbath.

Saumya has a baseball card collection.

What was it you wanted to ask me to do?

This medicine will soothe your headache.

Quit finding fault with me!

Thanks for mentioning that.

I'm afraid that's easier said than done.


It was impossible.

Devon doesn't have what it takes to be a teacher.

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?

You know what they can do, don't you?

That doesn't please me at all.

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There are many careers open to women.

I'm not defending him.

I lost my way in the crowded street.


We've just got to keep working.

We lived from hand to mouth in those days.

I read anger in her face.

She's popular, not because she's beautiful, but because she's kind to everyone.

Grief is not linear or predictable.

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They will be fighting for the championship this time tomorrow.