The Problem

Email, text message, and social media help maintain relationships but can create


Take a step back and connect at your speed

Throwback to a simpler time before instant communication and to when letter writing was still "in". Take back control over how you connect with all the convenience of being on your cell phone. Whether you are looking to stay connected after moving for work or school, or if you want to reach back out to an old-friend, rest assured you can re-connect responsibly with PonyPal. Read more to learn about other perfect uses for PonyPal as well as our unique profile functionality and pledge to never sell your personal data to advertisers. Finally…a transparent, creative, and experiential social messaging platform.

Amazing features to convince you to use our application


Less time on your phone, more time living

Some things in life are better with time. A juicy, slow-roasted tenderloin. A perfectly aged Spanish red wine. A thoughtful message to a friend that shows you care, but doesn’t arrive instantly with the expectation that they don’t need to respond instantly either…. ya know, all the best things. Take time to write whenever is best for you, and with our primarily freemium revenue model we actually want you to spend less time on your phone and more time living (real) life with the people around you. We are working hard to make this a reality. Here’s how to be prepared for launch.









Beautifully Designed UI/UX

Get Creative

Our stunning interface is designed and developed by the experts at Kiwitech to ensure an exceptional user experience


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