Simplify Your Life.

Simplify Your Life.

Organize, plan, collaborate and execute - Simplish gives you the tools to be more productive and live happier each day.

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All your tasks & notes in an intuitive and organized workspace.

Simplish is a lightweight yet flexible organizational system that is refreshingly easy to use - You'll remember things more, feel more confident and have more free mental space to relax and enjoy life more.


Organize Like a Pro

Folders, Prioritizations, Assigning, & Daily Planner.

Fast & Responsive

A truly mobile optimized experience.

Simple Checklist View

Know exactly who is doing what in a clear and transparent way.

1-Tap Task Assignment

Super easy task delegation.


A Beautiful & Purposeful Design.

Backed by research on productivity and positive psychology, Simplish has a unique design and user experience carefully crafted to boost your mood, focus and creativity.

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Effortlessly Plan and Prioritize.

Unique to Simplish, the The Do Today list is a daily digital task journal that makes it really easy to prioritize tasks so you focus only on a few things at once, while making step-by-step progress on your goals.

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Instant Team Collaboration, Anywhere, Anytime.

Whether you’re launching a new group project with a team across the world or coordinating your daily life with your loved one, Simplish is the fastest and easiest way to share information, delegate tasks and get things done.

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Delegate Tasks
Collaborate on Ideas

#1 Lifestyle Organization App for Makers, Leaders and Freedom Seekers.

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    “This app allows us to share our thoughts, needs, and not to mention the daily task to simplify our lives. Highly recommended.”
    — Middy M
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    “'Put it on the list!' This has been a regular saying in our life since using the app. ”
    — misternyce

Find Your Flow, Live Happier.

Find Your Flow, Live Happier.

The Simplish app helps you be more of your best self - more creative, less stressed and happier. The best version of yourself is out there waiting for you, - Try Simplish for FREE today.