Kanthan was almost killed in the accident.

It is easy for me to play tennis.

I don't recall saying that.

Let's call out to the people around the world.

I wonder what's wrong.

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It was bad.

He added a little sugar to the coffee.

Charley says he's the best tennis player at his club.

Sorry, the position has already been filled.

I hadn't realized it was him.

I know you love Pandora.

He may come today.

Virgilius was fond of books, and pored over them all day long.

I had to cool my heels for an hour in front of the door, waiting for his highness to leave the bathroom.

Some children resort to suicide in order to escape from unbearable pressure.

Dawson didn't come last evening.

I think that was very funny.

Our team made thirty points in the first half of the game.

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It can hardly be a matter of passion, perhaps it's just about sex.


I wear glasses only for reading.


Do you believe that there is life after death?


It's as old as the hills.

We were outnumbered.

When will Yuko come to Denver?

Jamie has gone shopping with the kids.

Hank isn't under contract.

I was worried about them.

I do not quite understand what you mean.

The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.

I am sure that he will succeed.

He signs the most important documents.

Anyone can see that.

The Indians' ancestors arrived from Asia.

I had such a crush on Roxie when I was in junior high school.

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"I'm sorry. I reflected on what I did." "Reflected on what you did? That's something that even a monkey could do!"


We need to know what happened.


Why don't we just stay in?


Don't put it that way.

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Ken despises Richard.


Judy is thick-headed.


Have you ever been to Disneyland?

The animal shown printed on the five-real banknote is a heron.

We've only corresponded and never met in person.

I knew that wasn't true.

You will soon regret your rash conduct.

Grasp all, lose all.

She made an allusion to his misconduct.

I need a native speaker.

Nguyen was there for me when I really needed him.

Fred is quite safe.

They don't like me.

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Heidi suggested that we leave right away before it started to rain.

When I was a kid, we used to play hide and seek quite a lot.

That's a fine way to treat a friend.

Case used to be irresponsible.

If Stephanie doesn't surrender, shoot him.

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I can't wait to get home.

Were you drinking that day?

He is not as handsome as Kuldip.

The side of the house was covered with ivy.

I was only there for three days.

It was fall two months ago.

If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.


Life is good again.

Let's hope Edmond doesn't try to do that.

We've got something to show you.

Where can I buy that magazine?

I don't know when I should come.


"They're stupid children, what a nuisance", she said. I replied praising them: "What are you saying, They're both smart, with a good memory and a promising future"

Look at your hands.

Now, go have a good time. The work can wait.

Stefan walked up to the third floor.

Have you had agreements with men.


When did Mr Suzuki leave Japan?


Well, let's get started.

I think Jerrie is perfect for Sherman.

I can walk to school in 10 minutes.

Did you go to office yesterday?

I had the door mended.

Would you mind standing aside?

There's a lot I still don't know about my job.

Having washed my skirt in the cold water of a spring, I sat a while.

Jon listens to jazz.

This soup needs a touch of salt.

He is either drunk or mad.

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She is not a singer, but an actress.

Sophie was so hungry that she ate everything that she could get her hands on.

I want to apologize for the way I talked to you the last time we met.

Get Saul over here right away.

Bringing a cup of tea is the only thing I can do.

Thales believed the Earth was flat and floated on water like a log.

Casey didn't think it was likely that Leith was still at home.


The trees were torn up by the force of the storm.

I quickly tried to get advice from him.

They cultivated the land.

I want to get involved with business strategy.

Do you agree that almost all Baroque composers wrote for the flute?

I thought Steven would like to know.

I can't really believe all this is happening.

Even if I knew, I couldn't tell you.

John never drinks coffee in the afternoon.


I'm not doing it alone.

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Soccer is good.

I assure you that I won't be late.

What's this street called?

In the year 2012, there will be flying cars everywhere.

I'm too busy to have time to enjoy myself.


These goods are available to members only.


There was an accident.


These socks are made from bamboo fibre.

Jess changed into his swimsuit.

Boring is good: events are bad.

You must lie still.

I like grilled offals!

The students have to analyze an excerpt from the book.

He never goes to a meeting.

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I won't be home next Sunday.


What time shall I call you tonight?

Reading is of great benefit.

We rode in an elevator.

The population of China is 8 times that of Japan.

Are you suggesting Ralf was murdered?

If God is with us, then who is against us?

Thus the matter was settled to the immense relief of everyone.

Sports keep us in good shape.

I'd rather not go to Boston with you.

It's too soon to tell whether it's a boy or a girl.

Caleb's prognosis was grim.

Today is World No Tobacco Day.

I'm still here, stuck behind traffic.

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The pulse ox sensor couldn't get a good O2 sat reading because Rajendra's hands were so cold.

Bertrand has been teaching French for thirteen years.

Here is Tatoeba.

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He's not responding to my texts.

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Try to avoid bad company.

We offered Laurent a month's severance pay.

Billie only has a slight foreign accent.

How exactly did you do it?

They raised me.

Jason deserves to be happy.

Bryce ate pancakes for breakfast.

Anatole may be there.

Each student received his diploma in turn.

I thought Ralf would go to the bank and get some cash.

I have a right to defend myself.

Mitchell encouraged Owen to learn how to speak French.

We are trying to do away with the old customs.

I've got something.

Hasten, my lads!


Sales have been off this month.


It's clearly suitable.

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Mr. Yamada lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.


Liber was obviously happy.

We've only got about three minutes.

I'll assemble a file for you.

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I should like you to be my guest tonight.

We must be cautious.

Raman can't have understood what you said.

Here's a picture of us.

Joachim works in a sawmill.

The lithium coin memory back-up battery inside this product contains Perchlorate.

Don't make light of this advice.


The sanctity of this place has been fouled.