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I am a computer systems engineer and electronic engineer with over 20 years experience working at Bell Labs, AT&T, Fortune 100 companies and as a freelance consultant.

I have been specializing in Automation, Development, Networking, System Communications and performance.

This site was started for my notes and to share useful info with friends.  I have added basic networking, hardware, and OS information and hope that everyone finds this site useful and interesting.  The format is that of high level notes and is not a tutorial.  Many of the subjects covered could consume several books.  The purpose here is to have a good reference site showing how the technology's can be used and some of the hard to find details.  Pleas let me know if you think I left out something of importance on any of the subjects covered.  One can always learn form others ;-)    

At this time I am still working on updating this site.  I apologize for any unfinished pages, etc.  I am being very ambitious here and it will take some time to finish the site with all the technology information that I want to cover (i.e. a never-ending task).  I am looking to create a quality site that engineers and those interested in technology will find useful.

With all that mentioned  I would appreciate  any comments.

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This site is running on a virtual Linux CentOS system using an Apache web server and is hosted on a VMware 5 server. 


Frank L. Sundstrom

Legal Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything resulting from, using or reading anything on this site.