How did you get invited?

The cargo spacecraft exploded a few seconds after launch.

I want to get this done.

No house has only one roach in it.

We have three possibilities.

He is teaching Arabic.

You must answer for your careless conduct.

There could be consequences.


The news filled me with astonishment.

I know what Evelyn likes to drink.

Nothing is being thrown away.

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Lack of food made them very hungry.

That didn't do them any good.

Vladimir has been living here three years.

The UN has set eight milennium development goals to improve living standards for the world's poorest people.

She disappeared into thin air.

My wife is so happy!

They loved each other.

She plays tennis with her friends once a week.

Spike never left the house.

Joni seems to be in a hurry.

I can share.

Police suspect that the kidnappers could be armed.

I am fond of cars.

She threw a bag away.

"How are you?" "I'm great, and you?" "I'm great also, thanks!"

I could never do that to them.

I made a draft of my speech.

I don't forget to write the zip code.

We will decide later.

He copied his friend's notebook with precision.

Dean stayed up late into the night working on his speech.


He often comes to see me.

Rodger was being stalked by a serial killer.

She plays her cards well.

Hartmann is not very good at it.

This mosque needs a new imam.

Where is your dog?

You'd better get here soon.


The car stopped completely immobile.

I exercise almost every day.

How could I know?

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Sridharan immediately went to Sedat's place.

I'm not sure what Leon means.

I was sore for three weeks.

I'm surprised you remember her.

It's just way too dangerous.


You sign here, please.

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The countryside is quieter than the city.


We're fair.


Seth kneeled.

For the holidays, I'm going to Tokyo for a week.

The moment they saw me, they waved.

Brandi got up and walked over to the window.

Can't you understand what's happening here?


I don't think that's true.

Is that your house?

Timo checked the list again to make sure he had done everything.

She dog-eared the page and set the book aside.

I don't think it'll rain, but I'll take an umbrella just in case it does.

I want to dive off the cliff.

She's wearing a light blue suit.

Everybody waited.

Anne wadded up the piece of paper.

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She suspected that it was too late.

I amused myself.

I thought so.


We'll meet her there.


I asked you to leave me alone.

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Carter is quite courageous.


Hank is in class.


I never really understood it myself.

Why would that scare you?

I asked around and there don't seem to be any stores around here that sell that.

Lucky are those who have escaped safe and sound.

I have to take this call.

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It wasn't possible for the boy to swim across the river.

I made my brother my agent while I was out of the city.

I was told you'd be willing to help.

A church spire could be seen in the distance.

Tell me how to play the game.

Latin is one of the few languages that requires a good knowledge of grammars.

X rays are used to locate breaks in bones.

I don't think we can trust him.

She'll tell him about it when she comes back.

He will come later.

She entered into conversation with that old woman.

Do you have a vision of your future?

You'd better hurry. If you don't, you'll be late.


He had this stupid habit of slouching against any available surface.

Mah is being released from prison today.

He has a maid.

I think that he is honest.

She refused to go with me.

What was the punters' reaction to it?

Phiroze gave me more money than I need.

Sally denied any involvement in the killing.

In less than one week, they surrendered.

Are you joking or are you serious?

Guido should've studied more.

Maureen is almost always cheerful.

I paid cash for the car.

I never thought Ima could do it.

I will always be younger than you are.


I like comic books.


She's driving them to school.

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This probably won't end all of our problems.


The greatest good is akin to water.

Didn't I say it was a trick?

You're not going to like this.

About how long did it take you to translate this book?

Advertisement is a skill of convincing people to spend money they don't have on things they don't need.

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I don't think it's necessary for me to sound like a native speaker, I just want to be able to speak fluently.

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Change is one thing, progress is another. "Change" is scientific, "progress" is ethical; change is indubitable, whereas progress is a matter of controversy.

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In other words, the merits, etc. of making detours are the consideration of the attitudes of the landowners whose property the line would cross, the convenience of other towns and villages, as well as connection with other railway lines.


You obviously haven't seen it.

There is no running water.

You've only been here for three weeks.


How many people are going for the trip?

All good things come to he who waits.

Did you get a haircut?


If I were you, I wouldn't talk to Sam.

I've got a few more.

I don't drink before noon.

The microgravity environment of space makes the ISS a unique laboratory for the testing of spacecraft systems that will be required for future exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit

I don't remember exactly the date.

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Milo couldn't calculate the price of the collection.

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When the police entered the basement, they found Lui tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth.

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He was not able to join in the discussion.

Do you know any good sites for studying languages?

Please say that once again in French.


What kind of behavior would you generally consider as typically male?

I was always a loner.

Tal's pulse is low.


I don't think I want to do that right now.

Ethan is still living on Park Street, isn't he?

She returned quickly.


He is not as smart as his older brother.

Why didn't you just tell Jacob the truth?

He looked at the ship through his telescope.

I like the way this flower smells.

However, the close-ups were excellent.

I know where you hide your diary.

I have other plans for her.


I thought you'd be the last person to do such a thing.


I've been waiting all day for you.


I think that went really well.

Chinese grammar is less complicated than Tagalog's.

Do you know how to fix this?

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That's not very far, is it?

After the argument with his wife he took a long walk to clear his head.

Where do you go to school?

Why don't you calm down? You're really making me cringe.

Sundar asked Those if she ate pork.

They won't help us.

Teruyuki is good at tennis, isn't he?

You passed the test.

Stand up straighter.

He tried to imagine what the client was like.

Industrial production in July rose sharply.

What do you say to making a trip with me during the summer vacation?

A circus is a place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.