She bore her sorrow well.

We live ten minutes away from him.

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The secretary works on business correspondence.

The doctors told Murray that Donn didn't have long to live.

I need to know why you need this.


I don't think it was Charlie and Geoff.


Dan will never die.

You were magnificent.

Can I bring her?


You're being used.


Looks like she broke her promise.

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Taro speaks English better than me.

You're no match for Tricia.

You said we were friends.

Don't you realize everything Suyog said was a lie?

How long have you been in this game?

Don't you see how irresponsible that is?

I am eating, which is different to drinking.

What do you want to do about Marci?

Are you really ready to help?

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It's not something anyone can do.

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To my disappointment I found that she wasn't honest.


He doesn't like soccer.

Bill has been dead three years.

Fred was amazed at the huge amount of his personal information which had been gleaned by Google based on his internet usage.


I have just finished one third of my assignment.

She came home after dark.

He drew on others for help.


I'll go meet her soon.

I tried very hard to put an end to their heated argument.

I think your answer is accurate.

I have a reservation for lunch.

Guy leaned towards Jesus.

"Says who?" "Says me."

Hughes can't wait to see you.

The police followed Dan into a shopping mall.

I spit on your mother's grave!

I must have lost my purse in the supermarket.

His wife is in the hospital because she was injured in a car crash.

I can't prove it, you'll have to take my word for it.

My house needs major repairs.

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It's getting to be time for me to head back.

Come on, Kikki. Don't be shy.

I'm beginning to understand why Jinchao loves Boston.

I wish everyone would go home.

There was no one there but them.


He was head of America's Naval War College.


It's important for them to go out.

That would not be appropriate.

Tovah doesn't watch TV.

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In physics, the Jeans instability causes the collapse of interstellar gas clouds and subsequent star formation.

Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in your class?

It was so nice to sit on the grass in the spring sun.

She has great ability in teaching English.

I don't think it was fair.


I am the best.


Rahul seems to not like you very much.


I have other things I need to do.

So far I have been getting along well with my friends.

It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.


We are to take an exam tomorrow.

I can comfort her.

I've seen just now that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia has resigned.

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Do you really believe those stories?


Isn't it possible?

I hope I can hold on to my job.

I have bought some very beautiful flowers.

Say nothing but good things about the dead.

The people I work with are all very kind.

Gypsy is expendable.

I'm going to forget you said that.

I should have known better.

The door slowly opened; and St. Nicholas, in full array, stood before them.

Julius knows I've been shot.

You can't retire yet.

Could you bring it to me?

It is very dark.

Siping caught Greg sneaking out of the house.

He lives a miserable life.


The cat has twenty years.

Dan is very trusting.

Ron licked the honey off his fingers.


You must go and see if Rusty is OK.

I just found Deb. She's dead.

The wait is almost over.

Lyndon said he liked snow.

Give me back my gloves.

Alejandro looks disgruntled.

She stood and walked toward the window.

They're very poor.

Are you using that?

The prize is wrong.

I thought I heard voices.

The data is incorrect.

This work will be finished in a week.

I wish that Howard would give me another chance.

I would like to drink a coffee.

You're not wearing any pants.

I'm not creative.

We have no idea what to do.

Thanks for taking me fishing.

I saw the man jump.

What are your initials?


We probably shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Winter is the coldest season of the year.

By signing this contract, he waives all rights to his work.

Talk to your friends.

Lorien watched as Gregg took a bite out of the sandwich he'd just made for her.

He told me that she will not tell him what happened to me on the day he saw me talking about the story about the girl who got killed.

He had a little piano on wheels, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it.

Let's see each other again. Just not now, however.

Where is the German embassy?


Most scholars believe that the Tetragrammaton should be pronounced "Yahweh".

My mother acquired her knowledge of English in the United States.

Have you got a headache?

Her many puppies run around in the yard every day.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

The news caused her much pain.

Serbia is called "Srbija" in Serbian.


The scene lying before us was very beautiful.

Hugh, we've arrived!

Len was too well connected.

It was a bad job.

Isidore had no qualms at all about speaking in front of such a large audience.

Now give me the book.

They don't pay me attention.

Somebody might've followed him.

They were wealthy.

She likes nothing but the best.

Everyone but Gilles came.

It had started to rain.

I'll be there right away.

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Louis said he'd kill me if he ever saw me again.

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What could possibly have gone wrong?


Himawan ate the last piece of cake.

The wind is blowing at an incredible speed.

I abstain.


I think I like it.

We spent hours on the phone every day.

"May I park here?" "No, you can't."

Sofoklis doesn't have anyone to play with.

My sister's going to kill me.


I finally beat Danielle.


A jet fighter flew over the town.

I don't want to know who kissed you.

Nobody talks with Moses anymore.

Jayesh pretended not to understand what Dirk was saying.

I knew that.


I think Stephe was joking.

Maybe we should come back another day.

Well, it was different.

I think it's working.

I was surprised to learn that Luc was a liberal.

She is drunk with happiness.

He usually goes to the park with his dog.

Jerald took a pill from the bottle and swallowed it.

Luc thinks it'll be OK.

Hunter asked me to ask you.

At length, we reached the top of the mountain.


Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

How are you going to get home?

I'm tired of you guys.

Show me where it hurts.

There has to be a reason why this is happening.


Even they would have helped me.