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Quickpro Gear, LLC is a stocking distributor of Pelican® Prodcuts the world's toughest, water-tight equipment protector cases, and professional flashlights that are technically advanced. Quickpro Gear, LLC Company is proud to be a full-line distributor of these exceptional flashlights and protector cases manufactured by Pelican® Products, Inc. Quickpro Gear is proud of the products they distribute and know each and every customer will be a life-long beneficiary of the quality built into the goods.  You can feel confident with these time tested products. We have been stocking the market's top brands for durability and longevity for many years.
Pelican 1810 LED
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Pelican™ cases are made of light weight space-age structural resin, are o-ring sealed, and are equipped with an atmospheric purge valve. They are “guaranteed unbreakable,” air-tight and water-tight, and corrosion proof.
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Pelican™ Products carry flashlights that offer more brightness, quality, and safety than other brands.  Pelican flashlights are used by the U.S. Military, Police, Fire Departments, and Search and Rescue Teams.  They are nearly indestructible, and feature computerized spot reflectors to provide clean, focused wide beams of bright light.
Pelican Flashlights
617-245-4745 6514896317                   Storm Cases
Engineered for extreme, commercial, military and industrial applications, Pelican Storm Cases are built from Pelican's patented HPX® high performance resin which makes them lightweight, and virtually indestructible.
Pelican Storm Cases
9373581531                  Hardigg Cases
Pelican Hardigg Cases builds the toughest, smartest, and most reliable transport solutions in the world. Great for everyone from scientists and photographers to major military, defense, and aerospace.
Pelican Hardigg Cases
908-215-4707                   Accessories
Pelican™ has a variety of accessories for many of the cases and flashlights.  Locks, divider sets, lid organizers, flashlight traffic wands, mounting brackets, helmet clips, desiccant packs, and quick mounts are available.
Pelican Computer Cases
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Pelican™ Products feature high-quality lamps, foam, case liners, batteries, and O-rings.  Keep your Pelican flashlight or protector case just like new with these high-quality replacement parts.
Pelican Rplacement Parts