Helping creative people look after their creative assets

AMS provides the advice and tools you need to protect your work

Helping creative people look after their creative assets

Secure Publishing

Use our unique secure publishing platform when you need to show someone your work but you want to retain full control so it can't be copied or forwarded.

DMCA Assistance

Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows for web-related copyright complaints. We can assist you with the DMCA process to stop people infringing your work.

Copyright Assistance

We offer advice on all aspects of copyright and trademarks, and provide the tools to prove your copyrights to avoid costly legal processes.

Work Version Control

Whatever type of original work you create, several draft versions tend to be created before the final version. We provide the tools you need to keep control.

The Authorship Management Services (AMS) organisation was founded in 1999, and has helped businesses and individuals succeed in their fields by providing the tools and expert advice required to protect their creative assets.

To engage our services, in the first instance, please contact us with an overview of your requirements.