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Child abuse is preventable. Prevent Child Abuse Iowa recognizes it will take Iowans working together to ensure children are raised in safe, nurturing environments. The organization is proudly leading and inspiring others to create a state free from child abuse.

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Connections Matter Evaluation Report

Connections Matter Evaluation Report

PCA Iowa contracted with Iowa State University to provide a report that looks at the methodology, analysis, and results of the Connections Matter initiative, and lessons learned through the Connections Matter message.

View the report here

Join the Connections Matter movement

Join the Connections Matter movement

Connections matter to developing healthy brains, supportive relationships and thriving communities. Learn more about this effort and how you can help us share this message!

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Your support creates happy, safe childhoods for all kids leading to a better future for Iowa.

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How We Prevent Child Abuse in Iowa

What we do and how you can make a difference.

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