Whats On

PlacePoint provides a comprehensive list of events and things to do. From live bands to events to today's menu specials, all at your fingertips.

Live Data

PlacePoint is different because it provides events, announcements and offers directly from businesses instead of static content.

Cross Platform

TaskBlast is available on Iphone & Android devices so it will work on Tablet, mobile and Windows & Mac Operating Systems.

More Businesses

PlacePoint has a free listing for all businesses so we can provide a comprehensive list of business in your town.

PlacePoint Live Feed

Other sites show static information about businesses. However, it does not tell you what is going on that day. To get that information you would have to visit multiple sites and social media pages or it might not be available.

PlacePoint solves this by providing a platform for businesses that makes it simple to share information with the public. Pubs, restaurants, clothes stores, football clubs, taxi's and many more in one central place.

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Search by category

Along with the live feed you can also view businesses by category. Sort alphabetically, by rating or by the closest business to you.

We are launching the Athlone version in July and you can signup at the bottom of the page to receive a notification when the site goes live. Businesses can also register their interest by emailing us on 410-820-7057

Web Version

As well as our Android and Iphone version, PlacePoint is available via the web.

Its supported on Mac, Windows and all the major browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.


PlacePoint - Launching July 2018

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