For the wild and adventurous who are looking for something familiar yet refreshing, Faklandia is a place to escape like home with a new zip code that brings people together with diversity. Unlike the traditional, ordinary, and mundane our brewery does the usual unusually that delivers new twists on the old and works of liquid art.

Brew Of The Month

Liz Wizz

This pilsner is our staple. It has the strangely familiar taste of a light ale, with a uniqueness that is, at its heart, what Faklandia is all about.

About Us

Faklandia is a realm beyond any you have ever known.  Vast landscapes of verdant green jungles, arid deserts swirling with sand, and jagged mountain ridges all come together in our liquid landscapes.  Characters such as the Lizard Wizard, Princess Salamandra, and the vile Nox Atra come to life in the form of beverages not for the faint of heart.  They will become characters you know and love and get to experience through an untouched medium; taste.  Along with crafting beers that inspire the mind we will be creating an immense storyline that will be ongoing as Faklandia evolves.  Each release will comprise of several beers that build on the current story.  Come on down to Faklandia, have a beer, and get lost where imagination and reality meet.  We are strangely familiar. 


Coming Soon