A new variation of the ‘sextortion‘ spam has been seen in the wild, this time in the context of tax evasion. This extortion variant has many similarities with the previous ‘sextortion’ and ‘bomb extortion’ type spam. It may say that … Continue reading

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On Monday, January 14 2019, we saw a sudden spike in spam of the Emotet and Snowshoe Marketing variety from our detection tools. Here is our data from the Monday and 30 days prior. It shows that Emotet has been … Continue reading

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SMTP AUTH Attacks, How Big is the Problem Really?

The duties of a Spam Auditor involves more than just spam filtering; it also covers other suspicious mail server activity. One example of suspect mail server activity is SMTP Auth attacks. Such attacks can be carried by a single attacker, … (440) 277-5022

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(414) 831-9209

The sextortion spam that is prominent today has existed for many months now, if not longer. We’ve written about it ourselves in our April post (/spamauditor.org/2018/04/no-they-didnt-catch-you-masturbating/). However, we understand most people are not up to date with Information Security news, … Continue reading

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(217) 997-9058

We do a lot of work with ISPs and Telcos and we get it.. you don’t want to make changes that might affect your customers. However, if you don’t make some simple changes to account and password policies, not only … (310) 809-3745

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While we are predominantly interested in email spam there are other attacks that can indicate ‘bad actors’, and the networks they operate from, that are worth examining. It can be tomorrow they change tactics and start sending spam. We couldn’t … 5734420863

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Not too long ago we published an article going over the general landscape of large file size spam (/spamauditor.org/2018/02/large-file-size-spammers/). In this article we will present a case study identifying a particular hosting provider whose network has been consistently sending out … Continue reading

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No they didn’t catch you masturbating

A new malicious spam is making the rounds, and it might scare a few people into falling for this. This form of ‘blackmail’ spam, pretends that some how they hacked your computer or home TV and watched you through your … Continue reading

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Large File Size Spammers

Normally, spammers tend to rely on very small spam messages because their goal is to get as many spam messages out as cheaply as possible. They also save on bandwidth costs this way. But with more and more hosting companies … (253) 233-1408

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It looks like Canadians need to watch out for fake parking ticket spam this Christmas season.  We have gotten reports that once again, (see /spamauditor.org/2017/05/parkingspeeding-…geting-canadians/) spam originating from a large Russian Hosting company is targeting Canadians. For one, just look … Continue reading

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