Eva – our sweet 22 year old from Ukraine

A few years ago, we were fortunate enough to come across a sweet 22 year old from the Ukraine that was in the modelling field. She had just made the choice to switch over to nude modelling, and we were one of the first sites to get ahold of her for some video and photo shoots.

She looks “Barely Legal” but I can assure you we check her doc’s twice, and she really is 22!


As the story so often goes, Eva made the decision that the porn world was not for her, so alas she only shot for a couple of sites. Lucky us!

As we were going back and remastering our solo sites, I noticed that all of her stuff was really small for some reason, so we have re-done her site from the bottom up, and are please to re-present her to you. If you haven’t had a chance to see this gorgeous hottie, make sure and get over to her site and take a peek at what you have been missing!


Make sure and let us know what you think about her remastered site!

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Ingrid – teenage fashion model

teenage fashion model

Don't hold her sleek beauty against her: Ingrid won't be working the checkout lane at Walmart, but she definitely qualifies as one of our "real teenage girls".

Teen fashion model Ingrid

See? Ingrid may happen to have the high-falutin' fashion model look, but she can yawn over a dildo with the best of 'em.

TeenFlood has always leaned toward the “average girl” look when it comes to choosing our teenage models.  We tend to choose models who look like the normal teenage girls we see every day; accessible, girl-next-door types. The type who work at a bookstore or spend their days asking “do you want fries with that?”

We are, after all, famous for our “real teenage girls“.

But that doesn’t mean that when we’re presented with the gorgeous, leggy fashion model type we’re gonna turn ’em away.  Case in point: slender young Ingrid, a deliciously sleek young teenage model deep green eyes, an exquisite mouth and an all-around sultry demeanor that gives her a more worldly feel than many of our models.  She was, as it turned out, already quite experienced modeling for the fashion industry. Jeans, underwear, swimsuits… the usual stuff.

We thought we’d give her something new to model. A few sets into the shoot, we handed Ingrid a dildo. Given her runway-oriented history, we expected this high fashion beauty to shy away from using it. Instead, she seemed rather delighted, and asked us that question we so long to hear from all our models when we hand them a huge plastic phallus:

“Should I put it in my butt too?”

Well… okay, Ingrid. If you insist.

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Jasmine Jones – beaufiful and very naked teenage girl

cute naked teenage girl

When carousing the Internets for naked teenage girls, there's a particular cute teen model that seems to gratify more than most: adorably sweet young Jasmine Jones.

People occasionally look for other things on the Internet, but let’s face it; 95% of all Internet searches are for pictures and video of naked teenage girls.  Well, 95% of our searches, anyway.  Others’ tastes may differ. And there are few things as gratifying as stumbling upon cute teen models like the excruciatingly sexy Jasmine Jones.

No, really:  we are about as expert on the subject of naked teenage girls as you can get, and we’ve given this a lot of thought. What is most tantalising about real teenage girls is NOT their looks, although of course that’s important.  It’s something else, a sense of innocence mingled with, one hopes, a sense of adventure and, one really really hopes, a sense of extreme naughtiness. That’s exactly the sort of thing you cannot help but see when you gaze upon pictures of this beautiful little flirt.

sexy naked teeage girl

Yep, we've done the research, and the results are conclusive: 95% of Google searches initiated by teen-loving perverts are for naked teenage girls. It's really very surprising.

Besides the obvious (she is, after all, a very cute, very naked teenage girl), Jasmine has a lot of subtle qualities that teen-lovers love: the dimples, the delicate features, the radiant smile.  But no matter how long your list gets, it’s still impossible to nail down what exactly makes certain girls so damned magnetic.  One thing that doesn’t hurt at all is that you know the sense of innocence she conveys is at least partially a front, as evidenced by the fact that this cute teen model is willing to spread her legs before the entire world and smile while she’s doing it.


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Sandra – Teen Model turned Teen Porn Star


As a teen model sandra was probably just fine, although it's hard to imagine those tits in Vogue. As a teen porn star? Well... wow!

Meet Sandra, teen model turned teen porn star turned (thank goodness) TeenFlood Girl. Let’s start with the Sandra Teen Model phase; early on, Sandra knew she loved modeling and got involved in a lot of small-time fashion shows, sauntering down the runway and, if she was lucky, getting free clothing for her trouble. But she wasn’t in it for the money; she was in it because she loved showing off. In fact, showing off became her favorite pastime.

Then a terrible thing happened: Teen Model Sandra grew a huge pair of tits. Even worse, this sexy late-bloomer realized that her beautiful, cherubic features were exactly the opposite of the “starving waif” look that lands such famously lucrative model contracts. So, always the adaptive one, Sandra Teen Model embraced another favorite pastime of hers…sex…and became Sandra Teen Pornstar.

We can’t tell you how happy we are with her decision. As a teen model, Sandra was probably great. But as a teen porn star…  wow.

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Eufrat, 19 Year-Old Porn star

Eufrat used to be Jana: she adopted the name Eufrat because she felt Eufrat was sexier... and more unique.

Eufrat has two trademarks, besides her obvious beauty: her heavy eye makeup and her naughty pout. And of course Eufrat pulls both of these things off as no one else can.

Eufrat is an interesting case. At the tender age of 18, she approached a photographer and told him she wanted to be a porn star.

Now, this is unusual in a number of ways. Usually, when a young chick goes into porn, it starts out as a modeling job. Some topless photos, maybe a spread (often not), maybe a toy or some lotion. Then, depending on the girl’s comfort level, the lure of higher paychecks may lead her to sign on for more explicit stuff. Depending on audience demand and the girl’s own limits and tastes, that progression may culminate with mere topless modeling or it might lead all the way to a storied and lucrative career as a South American scat queen. But I digress.


Eufrat chose her porn name because she wanted to be unique. She took it from the Euphrates River, which she

The point is, most girls don’t set out to be a porn star; it’s just something that happens on the way to Hollywood or Milan, or it’s just something they do as a fun, short-term experiment. Not the case with Eufrat, however: at 18, she knew she loved turning guys on, she loved having sex, and wanted to make money doing it. She approached our photographer friend in Prague and told him so.

Naturally, our photographer friend took one look at her pouty, youthful beauty and hurriedly scrawled her name in his shoot schedule.

“I thought of you guys immediately,” he says. “I thought: TeenFlood’s going to love this one.” As it turned out, however, it took him a while to make the shoot happen. “Eufrat was busy one day, I was busy the next day. We didn’t actually do a shoot for a few months.”

By that time, Eufrat had turned 19. She showed up to the shoot with the requisite ID (two forms of government-issued ID, no exceptions) and a few truckloads of cute but skimpy outfits that fit her just right. “It was like a new bride opening her wedding chest” said the photog. “Eufrat had obviously been planning this for a long time.”

The rest is history: this much sought-after teen model became an equally popular porn chick. Eufrat has shot with some of the most respected photographers in the industry, including multiple shoots with our guy. She’s had more cocks inside her than a henhouse, most of them on video. For proof of this, please feel free to check out the members section of TeenFlood, where you’ll find a bunch of her videos and around 2000 gorgeous photos of Eufrat, ranging from her career launch as a teen goddess to the present day.

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Jewel, 18 years old – her brief career as a teen model

(501) 800-3663

Jewel is wonderfully human, of course, but her huge hazel eyes remind you of a cute teen in a hentai drawing. "Her eyes sort of emphasize her innocence, which definitely does exist," our photographer says. "That's one of the reason I like shooting teen models; there's a freshness there that shows up on camera."

Cute young Jewel is an ideal TeenFlood girl.  Not only for the obvious reasons:  her huge, doe-like eyes that almost make her look like a teenybopper in a hentai drawing: her lithe, supple young body that looks like something out of a fashion ad: and most of all her perfect, suggestive mouth, which always seems to be slightly open, framed by an inviting pair of lips you’d expect to see up on a Sephora billboard.

That’s all well and good. We like cute teen models, and Jewel is definitely that. But there’s another reason she’s such a perfect TeenFlood chick.

When you’re scouring the planet for cute teen models, you have a number of options; but the models really only boil down to two basic types: there are agency girls, who are booked through an actual talent agent (“talent” being a pretty subjective term here) and who may have booked them with a hundred other photographers that week. They’re easy to find, but a bit more complicated to deal with (mostly depending on their agent).

Jewel's status as "cute teen model" changed a few weeks after this shoot to "former cute teen model".

Jewel goes from "innocent" to "fuck me" in seven seconds flat.

Then there are the other type: the normal teenager, working at a coffee house or a tanning salon, going to college (or sometimes even high school, although obviously it’s absolutely required that they’re 18 years old), looking for a way to make ends meet or looking to experiment with their sexuality.

This latter type of girl is the one we like best, and it’s the group Jewel falls into. One of our photographers somehow managed to get a college newspaper to accept a modeling ad, and Jewel, a first-year student, was the first to answer. Our photographer was floored when he saw her.  “It’s rare that you see such sensual, naturalistic beauty. You see sensual models in something like Vogue, for instance,” he says. “But there, the models are usually strange and gaunt-looking.”

“No so with Jewel. She’s this healthy, normal chick who happens to have a natural talent for the young “fuck me” look that sells so well in the fashion world.”

Jewel’s flirtation with modeling was short-lived. “She’d modeled once before, earlier that week. It was an experiment for her. I think she did another shoot or two, then she moved on. I kept in touch with her for a few weeks, but she got what she wanted out of us.”

The benefit is entirely mutual, of course.  Rate cute young Jewel!


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An excruciatingly cute teen model named Kathleen

Kathleen has that fresh, innocent look that just seems to cry out "photograph me, ya pervert!"

One of the cool things about being a legendary teen model site that’s been around since 1998 (shameless plug, but hey)  is plucking some of the undisputed gems from our vast library of teen model content.

On that note, we have a little retrospective fun for you today; hardcore porn actress Kathleen Kruz used to be known as a baby-faced TeenFlood temptress named Kathleen, before she made her big splash in the industry.  She’s gotten older (who hasn’t) and, as is the case with most girls who stay in the business, her limitations and inhibitions have dwindled considerably; but back then the still-gorgeous woman you see today was barely a woman at all (although she was every bit as gorgeous) and the take-on-two-guys-at-once porn star had the jitters about doing full spreads because she didn’t want her boyfriend to get mad.

Cute young Kathleen's photo shoots didn't always end up with her wiping cum from her chin...

Kathleen's photo shoots didn't always end up with her wiping cum from her chin. That's progress for you.

She was a ridiculously cute teen model with a soft, smooth face that looked so young it was almost scary.

As always, of course, we checked her ID (twice) and then proceeded to elevate this delicious future porn star to the dizzying heights of TeenFlood stardom.

As I’m sure you can imagine, she proved immensely popular almost immediately.  We’re not saying we discovered her, per se; but we were, happily, among the first photograph this delicious young teen model-turned-porn star before the rest of the world got a crack at her.

Don’t forget to rate her!

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Lacy, 18 years old. Another extremely tiny, absurdly cute teen model!

(778) 307-6271

You can't see it in this picture, but cute young Lacy's chin is about as high as the light switch on the wall next to her. When we say this is a tiny girl, we mean TINY.

Lacy didn’t walk through our door, we walked through hers.

She worked at an ice cream shop when one of our photographers stumbled onto her. The first thing he noticed was her absurd striped uniform, complete with a wacky hat that makes those (585) 664-1345 girls look dignified by comparison. Then he noticed her hands as she scooped his ice cream for him; they were so small they made the scoop look huge. Being an adult-oriented photographer, he immediately thought of how they’d look holding a cock (it’s a closely-guarded secret in the porn industry that the smaller the girl is, the bigger the cock looks on camera–don’t tell anyone).

Then, of course, he noticed her sweet, innocent features and perky smile. He’d ordered his ice cream to go, but changed his mind and ate it there.

“That was the best mint chocolate chip I ever had,” he says. “I remember every bite.”


Lacy is extremely skilled with an ice cream scoop. And other utensils.

When the time was right, he swooped in with his weapon of choice: a business card.

“The place was pretty empty, so we got to talking. She was definitely interested. I told her she could make some money modeling, and usually when you say that the girl says ‘how much?’ Not this chick. She was really fascinated by the idea of being naked on a big site and having guys drool all over her. That was her motivation.”

A week later, after changing her mind a few times, she showed up at his apartment, ready to shoot.

“I started her out slow, with some artsy looking-out-the-window stuff. Then I’m like ‘here, play with these cherries.’ Then she grabbed an eyelash curler and started using it on her pussy. I broke out the dildo, and again, no problem. I thought: this chick has a wild side, no doubt. I thought about her hands on that ice cream scoop and I popped the question, asked her to do a boy-girl scene.

“And she’s like ‘you mean PORN!? No way, I don’t want to do that!’ It was hilarious. I swear to God, she still had the dildo in her pussy when she said it! Ha!”

“Man I fuckin’ love this job.”

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(870) 994-3304

We check all our cute teen models’ identification very thoroughly, of course… two forms of government-issued photo ID, no exceptions. But let’s just say that when Naveah skipped through our door, our photographer held ’em up to the light for longer than usual.


Tender young Naveah is sweet as suger and completely fearless.

And there it was, plastered across her California ID card: an 18th birthday that had passed less than a week before.

His response: “Wow, you’ve been 18 for a whole week? We’d better get you shot, honey… you’re not getting any younger.” What he was thinking, red-blooded male that he was, was closer to Holy Mother of God, let’s get this girl’s clothes off before she changes her fucking mind.

There followed the usual stuff: a long, wordy contract (which models almost never actually read, but which cute young Naveah read every word of): a cautious explanation of the fact that everybody and their mother would see every inch of her body on one of the oldest and most revered teen site on all the Internets (if we do say so ourselves): and of course the obligatory question:  “So, Naveah, what are you comfortable with doing? What are your limitations?”


Naveah is very polite: she never talks with her mouth full.

To which this perky, cute, and absurdly young-looking teenage goddess replied “I dunno. What are yours?”

This is not something we hear often: in fact, it’s not really something we hear ever.

“Have you met our associate Jack?” Jack is not an associate, exactly; he’s actually more of a poor schlub who works for peanuts because he loves what he does.  An idealist of sorts.  And he happened to be around that day.

As it turns out, Naveah and Jack got along very well, including but not limited to an incredibly sexy fuck session that really should go down in the Guiness Book of World Records as one of the web’s most rewarding moments (for perverts who love to watch cute teen models getting pounded, at any rate).

In addition to Naveah’s cum-splattered hardcore stuff, she was kind enough to pose for some very nice softcore sets as well.  All in a day’s work.

What shall we rate this one?

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Charly, 18 years old. Pretty in pigtails.

Okay, maybe I’m just a little perverted here, but there’s something extremely sexy about a cute teen model in pigtails. By “young”, of course, I mean 18 or 19 – that perfect age where a the lanky awkwardness of adolescence has faded away but has not yet been replaced by the bitter, wrinkled, toothless despair you see when a chick hits her twenties.

Kidding. Twenty-something girls are gorgeous, obviously. But there is nonetheless a very attractive middle ground, that space of a few years where the innocence and fresh-faced optimism of youth is still evident, but a sense of worldliness (and hopefully wildness) has begun to seep in as well. I see that when I look at Charly.


Charly definitely has a talent for looking damned good in pigtails.

When she showed up for the shoot, our photographer was floored. “She just had this really fresh, delicate look about her,” he says. “But she was classy at the same time. I almost felt guilty asking her to take off her clothes.”

Luckily for us (and you) he got over it. The shoot went splendidly, and we ended up with hundreds of pictures of this porcelain-skinned teenager to post on TeenFlood.

A tantalizing look at Charly's beautiful young breasts.

Happily, this cute teen model wasn't nearly as classy as our photographer initially thought she was. We mean that as a compliment, of course.

And here’s the kicker:

“When we were done shooting her video, she looked over at Seabiscuit and was like ‘what’s that for?'”.

Seabiscuit, in case you don’t know, is one of our favorite photographer’s bucketmaker. Very few models leave of his apartment without an offer for a free jaunt on Seabiscuit.

“She was definitely interested. I told her: most girls who ride it say it’s the best orgasm they’ve every had. You can ride it if you let me film you doing it.”

The moral of the story, of course, is that in addition to everything else we also have a fucking awesome sybian video up on TeenFlood featuring beautiful young Charlie.

So what do you think of this cute teen model? Does Charly warrant a few stars?

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