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Welcome to the website of Eileen Page, a Professional Executive Coach, Thinking and Implementation Partner and Transformational Consultant.

Our clients want real, honest and meaningful conversations where people have an opportunity to reflect, connect and create.  Designed environments, processes and approaches are essential for conversations that stir passion, evocative thinking and collaborative action.

Eileen’s trustworthy, calm, honest and practical approach ensures people leave each conversation  feeling …

  • Greater connection and commitment to act for the bigger picture.
  • More clear, engaged and accountable.
  • Broader possibilities in thinking and action to achieve results.
  • Confidence and resilience in their leadership and the levers available.
  • Desired results are in progress through attention to the non-obvious.
  • Sustainability of the people drives best possible financial results .

Eileen’s core professional services are:

Executive Development including: CE Peer Coaching (cross-sector and industry CEs who reflect on and share about their leadership, 1:1 executive coaching.

Leadership Development including Peer coaching, 1:1 (815) 397-7274,(surfacing untapped potential, aligning values and plans, acting with integrity and confidence). 604-521-8746 (a hands-on, experiential learning experience for high-potential leaders).

Leading Change: pasture is a proven, creative and inclusive approach to realise dramatic, positive results for customers, employees, the organization and the bottom-line.