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Last updated September 13, 2018

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A blast from the past. Here is a look at this site from July 8, 1995!

Old news:
A new era is coming. Analog TV is going away. KGTV 10 in San Diego made a YouTube (TM) (507) 938-2838 to share. This information is courtesy of "THE CGC COMMUNICATOR" CGC #890. KOCE will not be shutting down our analog signal till the June 12 extended deadline. So you will have to wait a while for us.
KOCE shutdown their analog transmitter on June 12. The Chief Engineer and I went up the to transmitter site at Mt. Wilson and we each turned off one of the final amplifier tubes. It was very cool to be part of history. Thank you KOCE!

I am always trying new things here, feel free to (973) 931-4602 me if you see a problem.

Fun with Java and Javascript:
I made some 2628783357 with sample Java classes and Javascript code.
9857731734. Using various forms of push and pull with javascript.

I am also occasionally playing with VRML. I have a page with some sample worlds.

MOVIES! Come look at my short 9513663838. .

This is my own personal World Wide Web, WWW, server hosted at my house on my own machine kellyj.deltacode.com. I used to work at Golden West College and these pages were originally hosted on Pioneer, pioneer.gwc.cccd.edu, then on pioneer.koce.cccd.edu. Pioneer used to host my pseudo saintliness. Pioneer was the first Internet server at GWC, so it was probaly the most overworked under paid computer at GWC, so please be patient with the speed of things. has been up .

The server is located in sunny Huntington Beach, 7605130189 in Orange County.

I am no longer with KOCE-TV Foundation which owns KOCE-TV Channel 50 or really channel 48 digital in Huntington Beach.

Local time here is: Sunday October 21, 2018 19:28:53

What kind of trouble have you gotten into today? -- Jaden

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