I've never been kidnapped.

The carriage rolled on, and the peasants resumed their dancing.

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I'm meeting Pierce next Monday.


He makes it a rule to go to bed at eleven o'clock.

The important thing is not to win, but that the other loses.

Can the fire of the heart be extinguished in the flames of the funeral pile?

Is eating sugar really that bad for you?

It's an honest mistake.

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My apprehensions turned out to be justified.

I feel as I can rely on things now.

I'm going to your house.

Scot wants some privacy.

I hope you don't mind me dropping by.

That was Edmond you were just talking to, wasn't it?

Why did you shoot her?

Your horse is fast, but mine is faster.

The young women of this district are well known for their beauty.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

He was elected captain of the team.

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Andrew Johnson had to flee his home to save his life.

We lead a very ordinary life.

Where have you been all morning?


The song is well-known to all.


The truth value of an assertion may be a probability value.

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Scot, don't play dumb with me.

She doesn't like snakes and mathematics.

I've tried calling him all day, but the line is busy.

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Kieran can read French.

I think it makes sense.

See you soon.

Courtney ate some food, drank some beer, and then went right to sleep.

My secretary said it was urgent.

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I think it's a good start.


The meeting started thirty minutes ago.

Just say yes or no.

Those questions haven't been answered.

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He does not paint the walls but wallpapers them.

This isn't quite what I had in mind.

Pria realized what was up.


What do you know about it?

Entrance is restricted to those above 18.

President Hoover tried to solve the crisis.


His request was as follows.

Hsuan resigned suddenly.

He shot an arrow at the soldier.

Bread and games.

The was waiting on a bench, doing a crossword puzzle.

Her story was vindicated by a reporter, who found that the police officer had been lying.

I like her an awful lot.

I, as an American, admire Lincoln.

Every actor has cold feet just before the beginning of a show.


My bicycle has a punctured tire.

They are wrestling shoulder to shoulder.

Why not go talk to Kent?


A big fire broke out after the earthquake.

Parents also arrange marriages, which is a polite way of saying that they sell or trade their children.

I loved the movie.


I go to P.E. class just so I can watch sweaty boys running around in shorts.

We didn't come.

Curt can do that.

Thank her for me.

Your explanation won't wash. It's too improbable to be true.

I trusted you with my secret and you betrayed me.

I would have gone to the movies if I had had the time.

She doesn't love her boyfriend.

The train was on time today, as always.

He fell a victim to his own ambition.

I was overwhelmed.

The airplane was just going to take off.

Hal doesn't ever do anything to help.

I have no future.

I never murdered anybody.


Alexis straightened his glasses.

She dates any guy, poor or rich.

Gale couldn't speak a word of French when he first arrived in France.

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Alvin is quite competitive, isn't he?

I must postpone going to the dentist.

If I don't know the table manners, it doesn't really matter.

Let's visit some temples tomorrow.

That doesn't sound very romantic.

I loved freedom all my life.

I have to find a new job.

The girl had no one to turn to for advice.

My wife is partial to apple pie.

His suggestions are completely useless.

All of my relatives are taller than me.


I don't want to be the one to do that.

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Modern understanding of the dynamics of quantum particles took a non-intuitive turn with the introduction of the particle-wave duality concept.

Obstructions near doors can impede people in an emergency.

The patient is agitated.

Do I have to help Price?

I'm not affiliated with any party.


She is holding her baby in her arms.

I have to blow my nose all the time.

He set up a new home in Jamaica.


I know this because Juergen told us.


Marek looked at the fuel gauge.

Cecilia is diligent.

You don't remember me, do you?

Sharada lied when Ernest asked her how old she was.

She is engaged in writing a book.

Mats rolled his eyes.

Dani told me he was going home.

We just have to be patient.

The car he's driving is not his.


Did you break up with Dominick or did he break up with you?

Monty fell down from the horse's back.

1980 is the year I was born.


Alastair and John quarreled, but made up after a while.

Skip's guitar playing sounds likes it's gotten better.

Americans call football soccer.

Tomoko bounced happily out the door.

How many people are still down there?

I'm not very good at speaking French.

Who else does this?

I'll try again, thank you.

She stood silent, her head slightly to one side.


Did Kim eat his dinner?

Tarmi is useless.

Our plan is made.

Jimmy hasn't been himself lately.

Who would look after my children if I died?

Is the field fertile?

That just baffles me.


She got off her horse.

The only problem is what to do when things go wrong at work, now that I can't bite my nails any more.

She's not pregnant.

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You may take either half of the cake.


Tell a beautiful story to my two young friends.

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She will notify Frances.


I really like hard boiled eggs.

Let's talk about your childhood.

How gullible does Frank think we are?

You've done that.

We need someone to help us.


Lucius should have known better than to believe Ralf.

You should make your attitude clear.

How did you know Clarence was interested?

Glenn goaded Barrio to do it.

We're just where we're supposed to be.

Ritchey couldn't hide his anger.

I'd like to go around the world on a boat.


What made you so mad?

I drank too much wine and got dizzy.

I'll explain the matter to you later on.

Jogging with you is a lot of fun.

Nici could hear birds chirping outside his window.

I'm coming to you now.

The British would need strong leadership.

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I can't stand people who always speak ill of others.

Sekar sent Tanya flowers.

There are 20 stations along this route.

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I can't run as fast as you.

The bridge is being repaired.

We're slowly nearing the end.

I'm a complete idiot.

Elisabeth sat on the doorstep.

Come by later, I have something for you.

The student majors in philosophy.


Have you ever thought about baking your potatoes instead of frying them?

We'll find a way to use it.

Jane was dressed as a man.

Spike slept at our place last night.

I'm not like her.