Now you can Buy, Sell, Send or Pay with gold
to anyone using just your phone!

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(432) 553-1063

What can you do with SendGold?

  • Start your own gold savings plan
    Buy as much or as little as you like.
  • Send some gold as a gift
    Anytime day or night.

  • Pay someone with gold
    The app will show them how much it’s worth.
  • Hold on to your gold
    As an investment.

  • Cash out anytime
    And send the funds straight back to
    your bank account.

How it works:

  • 1 Sign up for FREE
  • 2 Buy your gold (pay straight from your bank account)
  • 3 Send any amount, just enter the recipient’s email *

* Recipient must be a registered SendGold customer.

Why use SendGold?

SendGold has a number of advantages over
other payment systems.

O-5 days

5-10 seconds

Requires a bank
account and details

Add a contact
and send *

Medium to high fees and
hidden fees for international

Fees are low and transparent

Bank account required

No bank account required
to send or receive gold

Minimum amounts

No minimums
No set-up fees

* Recipient must be a registered SendGold customer.


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