Take control of your health data

E-Nome is a secure platform to store and manage consent for access to your health data.

An opportunity for everyone to contribute to better health.

Better health decisions come from all parties having access to richer data.

Decreasing costs and accelerating the fight against disease needs the entire healthcare industry to work together.

Medical researchers

Health practitioners

Clinical trials

We don’t store your personal information, ever.

We simply make the secure transfer of health data possible, and keep your information in your hands, all under your control.

  • NSA level end-to-end encryption
  • GDPR, HIPAA, APP compliant data transfer system
  • Immutable blockchain audit trail

How E-Nome works for:


Secure, simple data storage you always stay in control of.


Health practitioners

A secure way to transfer data to your patients.

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Medical researchers

Direct access to individuals and their consented health data.

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Clinical trials

Innovating clinical trials with recruitment and data flow management.

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Let’s change the way donations are made. Make data a new currency.

Recent studies have found that 90% of people are comfortable with sharing their health data for medical research purposes but most lack an understanding of how to be able to make it happen.

We enable individuals to consent to share their data with the click of a button.

Start making better health decisions today

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