PEZO® reinvents children's mobile screen time by seamlessly integrating education into their digital experiences.

The Educational App for Kids

Education-oriented screen time for your kids


Educational Mobile App

Your children will be challenged through PEZO's educational app content. Each stage of play is customized to grade level and designed to keep children engaged while supporting the work being done in the classroom.

Customize the Experience

Assign the grade level that corresponds with your child’s, and set the amount of time they spend engaged with PEZO. You are able to tailor your child’s digital experiences and enhance their educational development.

Track Their Progress

You can monitor your child's activity on PEZO with progress updates that can be accessed any time through the PEZO Parent dashboard. These tracking tools detail your child's progress and daily goals so you can keep tabs on their educational development.

A Fully Remote Solution

Parents have their very own app for monitoring and adjusting their child’s device usage anytime, anywhere. By pairing your child’s device to your own through PEZO Parent, you can determine how long to block your child’s apps and track the time they’re engaged with the educational challenges, completely remotely.

Block by Correct Answers

Customize how often to lock your children’s device, and assign the amount of questions they must answer correctly while engaged in PEZO’s unique educational challenges.


Make learning effortless for your child as you introduce responsibility over their screen time. By downloading PEZO Parent onto your own device, as well as the accompanying PEZO app onto your child’s device, you can remotely manage their educational screen time. PEZO’s unique blocking feature allows you to customize the number of correct educational challenges your child must complete in order to unlock their device.


Through enabling your child to access their favorite apps after completing educational challenges, PEZO incentivizes their learning and establishes responsibility over their own screen time.
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Apps blocked by PEZO®

Education and technology work together

At PEZO® we have reinvented children's recreational mobile screen time through a seamless integration of learning.

As a company founded on supporting child development, we have created a unique way of incorporating age-appropriate, educational challenges into children’s connected time through the concept of “educational screen time management”. PEZO gives parents the ability to block apps and games on their children’s devices through an educational blocking tool that incentivizes their educational development. After correctly answering the assigned number of educational challenges, PEZO rewards children by unlocking their device’s recreational features. Meanwhile, parents can monitor their children’s educational progress and manage the blocking features directly from their own device with PEZO Parent. By rewarding children for their educational engagement, it incentivizes them to be responsible for their own screen time.

Through seamlessly incorporating education with recreation we believe that screen time with PEZO will become stress-free. We uphold the idea of giving parents control over how their children spend time on their devices, and in turn promote a healthy relationship with connected time for both parent and child.


For parents, they can fully personalize and effortlessly enforce their child’s educational screen time, track their progress, manage their mobile device usage, and do much more using the remote solutions offered by PEZO Parent. For children, they will engage with PEZO’s age-appropriate gameplay while learning that spending time with educational content rewards them by way of unlocking their device

PEZO is engaging and interactive. With guidance from educational experts supporting concepts for grades K-3, the app was developed with true value in mind for children’s learning. Alongside immersive game play and customization, PEZO supports cognitive development and promotes independent understanding of managing screen time.

Take advantage of PEZO®'s educational control



PEZO® began with family: Founder Suzette Redling and her daughter/co-founder Lexi were inspired to reinvent the way children learn.


They continue to lead the design and development of PEZO's iOS platform.

By putting a new twist on learning, PEZO addresses the concerns of parents regarding their children's use of technology. The mother/daughter team supercharged their original idea to develop the innovative game concept into the first educational parental control app of its kind for tablets and smartphones.

With its family origins and academic guidance, PEZO is at the forefront of educational technology. While remaining true to its core values of childhood educational development, the app continues to change the ways in which parents and children interact with their mobile devices.

Transform your child's screen time into learning time

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