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TEAM: A summit built by some of the most experienced marketers of online health events and businesses in history. Host and founder Brian Vaszily is a 20-year veteran who was the CMO of The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest relaunch and who, as VP Marketing, was key to building Mercola.com within its first 5 years. Marketing Advisor Jonathan Hunsaker was the marketing mastermind behind The Truth About Cancer, responsible for architecting its ultra-high EPC model. Affiliate director and business advisor Jamie Martorano has been key to many of the most successful online events in recent history. Other friends and advisors include Ocean Robbins, who has led some of the most successful summits in history, and more.

SPEAKERS: Features over 20 of the world’s most esteemed anti-aging and longevity doctors and other experts.

CONTENT: Each speaker will reveal their answer to this one question: “From your area of expertise, what are the 3 most important secrets people must know to look their best, feel their best, and live a long life doing it?” With this simple and powerful framework, and highly prescriptive steps people can take action on now, this summit will hold high appeal and change lives.

CONVERSIONS & COMMISSIONS: Built by a marketing team behind some of the highest-converting online events in history, you’ll receive 50% commission on all digital sales you refer to the summit. Your leads will have a 6-month tag, meaning they’ll also be cookied in for our relaunch in Spring so you’ll make even more money!

When Does the Online Summit Start?

Your Best Years Start Now Summit launches January 23rd & continues through January 29th.

When Can I Start Promoting the Online Summit?

You can promote Your Best Years Start Now starting January 9th through January 23rd.


A Powerful Mission

“The beautiful truth is, true anti-aging and longevity are the same thing. When you do the right things to look your best – gorgeous skin, hair, eyes, body – you’re simultaneously doing the right things to avoid diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer, optimize your weight, elevate your energy, mood, and brain, and live long and well. You’ll discover those “right things” in Your Best Years Start Now.”


We live in a youth-obsessed world that pummels people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond – especially women – with some very destructive lies about getting older.

These lies push the destructive belief that getting older MEANS becoming undesirable, invisible, doomed to suffering and disease, and past your best years.

And most of the $250 dollar anti-aging industry plays deep into those lies, bombarding people with guilt and fear and pushing false solutions that are often laced with toxic junk that can seriously harm you.

Beautiful Truth

At The Art of Anti-Aging, we hereby change “anti-aging” to mean you’re against those destructive myths about getting older. Our mission is to:
1) Help people avoid the false fear and anxiety about getting older, and bypass the subpar to toxic foods, cosmetics, drugs, and beliefs pushed by the industries that profit big-time from those aging myths.

2) Provide people only the proven most effective steps to look and feel their best, and live long and well.

These are the non-toxic, non-drug, natural food and lifestyle choices that will enable people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond to start living their best years now.

This summit, Your Best Years Start Now, is the pinnacle of this mission, and truly the start of this urgently needed movement, so we appreciate your support!

Your Best Years Start Now

Speakers Include...


Dr. Joel Fuhrman

7-time NY Times Bestselling Author; Advisor to & Frequent Guest on Dr. Oz; ​​​​​​​Research Director, Nutritional Research Foundation


Dr. Dean Ornish

Appointed by Presidents Clinton and Obama to Top Health Advisory Positions. ​​​​​​​"One of the world's 7 most powerful teachers" - Forbes Magazine


Susan Peirce-Thompson, Ph. D.

NY Times bestselling author and researcher whose innovative approach has helped people lose over 300,000 lbs collectively.


Dr. Mimi Guarneri

World-Renowned Cardiologist, Ranked One of the Top 10 Doctors Who Embrace Integrative Medicine by Newsmax


Dr. Trevor Cates

World-Renowned Expert in Skin Health, Bestselling Author of Clean Skin from Within


Dr. Dale Bredesen

World-Renowned Expert in Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Brain Health, Bestselling Author of The End of Alzheimer's


Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai

World-Renowned Experts in Preventing Alzheimer's and Other Brain Issues, Bestselling Authors, The Alzheimer's Solution


Dr. Joel Kahn

World-Renowned Cardiologist, "America's Healthy Doc." Bestselling Author, The Whole Heart Solution


Dr. Eric & Sabrina Ann Zielinski

Popular natural health experts whose website has ​​​​7 million annual visitors. Author, The Healing Power of Essential Oils


Dr. Pedram Shojai

Multiple NY Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Well.org, Producer of Hit Movies Vitality and Origins


Ocean Robbins

Co-Founder of the Half-Million Member Food Revolution Network, Has Organized Over 100 Gathering for Leaders from 65 Nations


Sayer Ji

Founder of GreenMedInfo.com, the health info site with 1 million monthly views; Vice Chair of National Health Federation


Jon McMahon

Subject of the hit film iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity, Jon has lived the 3 most essential insights he shares​


Nick Polizzi

World-renowned expert of ancient healing traditions, director of hit films on natural alternatives to conventional medicine.


Sonia Ricotti

World-renowned leader in personal transformation known as the "Bounce Back" expert, author of #1 bestseller, Unsinkable


Dr. Janet Zand

"Hollywood's Best Kept Health Secret," according to IN! Magazine, with her “A" list clientele of movie stars, rock stars and professional athletes; Dr. Zand is also editor of the wildly popular Women's Health Letter monthly newsletter.​


Razi Berry

Publisher of NaturalPath.net, International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, and Naturopathic Doctor News & Review


Jason Prall​

Filmmaker whose hit documentary series, The Human Longevity Project, uncovers the true nature of longevity in our modern world​


Susan Bratton

Internationally beloved relationship and sexual health expert, bestselling author of over 20 books including Relationship Magic​


Jeffry Smith

Leading researcher and world’s #1 consumer advocate for organic, non-GMO.


Dr. Steven Weiniger

Internationally respected posture and anti-aging expert has helped others stand tall and look amazing

What Do The Experts Cover in
Your Best Years Start Now?

This summit is a must for anyone for anyone who wants the safest, most effective ways to:

  • Reverse and avoid wrinkles, sagging skin, bad posture, and other signs of “looking old”
  • Avoid and even reverse serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease
  • Finally lose even the most stubborn weight
  • Overcome low energy and feeling “tired all the time”
  • End moodiness, anxiety, and depression
  • Enjoy healthy hair, nails, and other assorted body parts
  • Overcome mental fogginess and forgetfulness​​​​
  • Prevent and end pain and stiffness

Improve Lives. Maybe Even Save Lives. And Win Big Doing It.

1. You Get to Share Truly Life-Changing Content for FREE As you can see, this is no run-of-the-mill summit.

You Best Years Start Now is being architected by some of the most successful and experienced online event marketers on the planet. And the featured doctors and other experts are the best-of-the-best, providing people only their best.

This summit will change lives, possibly even save lives, and with the powerful mission driving it, it is the start of much-needed movement that will appeal strongly to those in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

All YOU need to do is send a few pre-written emails and social posts between January 9th – 24th and encourage your followers to sign up for this FREE event.

2. A Powerful and PROVEN Model...

Everyone you refer to this 7-day audio summit will be in excellent hands, we promise.

Your followers will have free access to each of the 20+ interviews with no strings attached.

And because what they’re hearing truly can change their lives…

Because of our powerful mission that they’ll strongly identify with and be eager to support…

Your referrals will be eager to purchase the package of the summit that includes complete recordings, written transcripts, and a host of valuable bonuses, too.

And that’s where your excellent commissions come in…

3. Confidence in Conversions + Exceptional Product

Our team…

For this summit, Brian Vaszily built his “dream-team” of the most successful names in online health and wellness to provide people with one of 2019’s most alluring, transformative and necessary online summits… and to make sure YOU get the highest EPC’s and EPL’s supporting it.

The product…

The Your Best Years Start Now Empowerment Package includes complete recordings of the summit, complete written transcripts, and a wide range of valuable and useful bonuses, too.

In total, this package educates and guides them past all those destructive myths about getting older, empowering them instead with the most effective non-toxic, non-drug steps to look their best, feel their best, and live a long life doing it.

This is a product you will feel good promoting, because as you’ve seen, Your Best Years Start Now is not just a summit… it’s a much-needed movement you are helping create!

Plus, you will build even greater trust with your audience as you never have to send to a sales page (unless you want to). It’s merely “sign up to tune in and get this powerful prescriptive advice from top experts for free”.


Our product packages will be $67, a price tested to convert well, so you will earn $33.50 in commissions for each sale. Our aim is for you to earn at the very least a $1 EPC.

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Your Best Years Start Now January
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NOTE: The January launch is a by-special-invitation-only soft-launch. We are doing a much larger full launch in late Summer 2019… Because we are last-click cookie-wise but first lead in, and our leads are cookied in for 6 MONTHS, this means your support now can help you win big in the full launch, too!

Promo Dates

Wed, Jan 9th - Wed, Jan 23rd

  • This is the BEST promotional period to get your leads in (remember, we are first lead in!)
  • Our tips for earning big: Promote on multiple platforms, such as email, social media, blog articles and banners on your website.
  • Hit email un-opens with updated subject lines
  • The MORE you promote, the more you will earn. For the best results, we recommend you send your first promotion as soon as the promo window opens and a minimum of 1-2 more emails before the promotional period closes on January 23rd.


Tues, Jan 22nd ("Starts Tomorrow") & Wed, Jan 23rd ("Starts Today")

Hands down, you must promote on one or both of these days. Why? Because urgency sells.


Wednesday, January 23rd - Tuesday, January 29th

Not required to promote during the event as we will be sending emails out to everyone who signed up, but you are welcome to still promote (especially if you are a speaker) to remind them when your interview is airing.

Replay Weekend

Wednesday, January 23rd - Tuesday, January 29th

  • Last chance to listen to all the interviews for FREE for 48 hours.
  • IMPORTANT: Promoting during replay weekend can boost commissions as much as 20% or higher!

Save the Dates...

Summer 2019 Launch

  • Pre-launch (best time to promote): July 8th – July 17th, 2019
  • Launch: July 17th – July 23rd , 2019
  • Replay Weekend: July 27th – July 28th, 2019

Meet the Team & Contact Us

Brian Vaszily

Founder & Host

Brian Vaszily, founder of The Art of Anti-Aging and host of “Your Best Years Start Now,” is first and foremost known within the health and wellness world as a top internet marketing expert whose experience building very successful online businesses spans beyond 20 years. 

He’s been key to Mercola.com, The Truth About Cancer, BioTrust, The Healthy Back Institute, Organixx, and Body Ecology, and has helped many other widely known natural health and wellness luminaries. 

Earlier in the 2000s, Brian also built his own successful personal growth brand online, which included interviewing dozens of health and wellness luminaries, extensive speaking engagements, life coaching, and a bestselling book published by Wiley. 

He’s passionate about natural health, is a lifelong student of personal and professional growth, and is particularly passionate about helping those entering their “middle years” and beyond overcome the destructive aging myths so they can be physically and emotionally healthy and thrive.

Jonathan Hunsaker

Chief Marketing Advisor

Jonathan Hunsaker, the chief business and marketing advisor for the Your Best Years Start Now summit, is well-known for architecting perhaps the most lucrative, impactful, and high-EPC online events in recent years.

This includes “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docu-series and other online events. For many, his model is the “de facto” standard to build their online events toward.

Jamie Martorano

Affiliate Star

Jamie Martorano is our affiliate director and strategic advisor Lead Affiliate Relations Manager and likely needs no introduction for those reading this.

Just in case though, she has been in the industry for the past 10+ years and is one of the most experienced, successful, talented, and in-demand affiliate directors on the planet….

Not only because she knows “the biz” inside-out, but also because she genuinely cares about people. She is passionate about this topic and the information we produce because she knows the healthier you are in the insider, the younger you look and feel on the outside! You can reach her at: jamie@theartofantiaging.com

Lauren Martorano

Affiliate Star in Training

Lauren Martorano is Jamie’s Affiliate Coordinator. She has worked in the natural health industry for 5+ years and is an organizational freak (in a good way, I promise).

Not to mention she is obsessed with alternative health and takes pride in her natural health lifestyle. She loves analytics and all things affiliate marketing related so if you need stats from a past mailing, your affiliate link, or anything at all, she’s our girl. You can reach her at: affiliates@theartofantiaging.com


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If you want to boost commissions, you are more than welcome to promote during our replay weekend February 2nd and 3rd. 🙂

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