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Are you a motivated Real Estate professional interested in growing your production to new heights by learning from other successful agents and credible industry experts?

Then join our network of more than 80,000 agents nationwide who regularly share valuable tips and strategies with each other in a 'sharing and caring' community called Agent Inner Circle®...

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Join top agents from around North America in the largest online business-building community ONLY for real estate professionals. Our community publishes a regular e-newsletter sharing real-world marketing ideas for getting more clients, making more money and enjoying a vibrant life in real estate. It's FREE to join, and if you don't absolutely love it, you can easily remove yourself at any time. We hope you find as much value in our community as thousands of other agents have…

Our Story...

In 1997 a small group of top-producing agents formed a private “network” where they shared their most coveted ideas and strategies for building their businesses with each other. This was a “closed” community, kept strictly private and hidden from outside agents for years.

Many of the agents who participated in the network have grown their businesses significantly by applying what they learned and shared with each other – and the group also shares client referrals with each other from time to time.

Not long ago, our network decided it wanted to expand its “knowledge base” and is now allowing new members. We reasoned that having more agents join only adds to the overall value of the community.

Within a short time our membership exploded in size, and because of our popularity, continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Is our agent-network right for you, and are you right for our network?

We are not so much concerned with your current production or years practicing real estate, but on a true desire to grow your business, practice strong ethical standards, and participate in sharing with our community.

Our network shares its ideas and strategies via a regular email newsletter titled, “Agent Inner Circle®”, containing tested and proven marketing ideas, samples and strategies used by successful agents from around the North America. As a member, you'll get regular updates and access to our archives of past issues that are more valuable than real estate courses selling for $500 or more.

We also share recommendations from member-agents and discount offerings on resources to help grow your business and live a more balanced, fruitful life.

Our network is for agents serious about learning and sharing cutting-edge ways for growing your business and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is the first of its kind, and there is nothing else like it anywhere in real estate.

Because we're web based, there is no cost to be a member – it's Free.

There is no commitment to continue if you don't feel it is enormously valuable to your business and your life (although unlikely, you may easily remove yourself at any time if you desire). Your email address is kept private and never shared with anyone.

You will not receive important updates with the latest ideas and strategies unless you're a member.

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  3. A Special Report titled, “AD SECRETS: How to Attract New Buyers and New Listing Prospects and Get Them to Call YOU.”   Using the 7 little-known 'strategies' in this report can radically-improve the effectiveness of your advertising — adding more clients and saving you time, money and frustration.

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“Finally!! A newsletter that is worth reading. I find the articles to be very informative and can see how I would implement them into my business. Thank you.”
Greg Younger, REALTOR®
“I'm a coach at one of the biggest coaching firms around, but your articles have helped my business more than the stuff I teach to my students.”
“I love this newsletter. Thank you for organizing and sending it.”
Lynn Hicks, REALTOR®
“When you have this many agents offering their ideas and tips, we all become better at our profession! Please keep up the great work”
“I really like Agent Inner Circle® and can't wait to read each new issue. Every issue has l ots of great ideas that I can use in real life. The best part is that it is Free of any strings or costs to you, a true service to REALTORS®.”
Nina Baker, REALTOR®
“Agent Inner Circle® has helped me mentally and motivationally do business in ways that I never would have thought of.”
Aminta Maynard, REALTOR®
“Agent Inner Circle® is making me re-think paying for my real estate coach. I have gotten so much more from reading and applying the strategies and learning from the first-hand experiences shared by other agents. I wish I had followed my first mind and not started paying for a coach.”
Barbara Allen, REALTOR®
“Keep up the good work. I love what I read, and I read every word of every article. Thank you very much.”
“I LOVE your publication…just keep it coming. Warmest regards,”
Donna Wright, REALTOR®
“Just this issue has given me a new perspective to motivate my sales force. Thanks for taking time to put this publication together.”
Nick Katzer, VP Sales and Marketing
“I am impressed with the well-written, informative and helpful suggestions and ideas available to me in 'Agent Inner Circle®'. I'm not a newcomer to the real estate business. I have attended many seminars during the 30-plus years in the business…and welcome the refreshing manner in which the topics are presented. I look forward to future emails.”
Joe Sica, REALTOR®
“Thank you so much for all this invaluable information. I am sharing with my agents.”
Terry R., Manager
Bankers Realty
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your newsletter has great ideas, which I'm going to initiate as soon as possible. Thanks a Million!”
“I appreciate your giving free advice. It's top notch. When you help others as you know, it comes back to you. THANKS.”
Chris Russ, REALTOR®
“Thanks for sending this to me! Short with a few good tips and easy to read and maneuver. Thanks!”
JoAnn Horner, REALTOR®
“I love your articles and suggestions. I'm always using them in my mentoring program with agents. Thanks!”
Bruce Hengey, REALTOR®
“I loved the article on the business cards. What a great idea! I am going to use it as a listing tool.”
Gabriela Kulp, REALTOR®