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  • Increased Productivity: Create high-impact online presentations quickly with minimal effort.
  • Optimized Business Planning: Capture valuable statistics that help reveal customer preferences and target markets.
  • Wise Use of Valuable Manpower and Resources: Use feedback and scoring statistics to measure the effectiveness of your content and tailor your focus to only where it is needed.
  • Flexibility: Make the most out of Qarbon's multi-platform support and design your systems environment as you like.
  • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): Take advantage of Qarbon's Inexpensive Excellence, a high-quality offering at a lower cost.

Powerful On-line Presentations


ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise allows you to quickly create PowerPoint projects, software simulations, live screencasts, quizzes, surveys and highly interactive courses. Voted Best of Elearning! ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise costs only $599!

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Powerful On-line Demonstrations


ViewletBuilder8 Pro allows you to quickly create software demos, simulations, live screencasts and highly interactive courses. Voted Best of Elearning! ViewletBuilder8 Pro costs only $399!

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HTML5 Courseware Builder


Composica Enterprise is a social elearning authoring system that offers real-time collaboration among team members to produce compelling interactive HTML5 courseware. Create visually rich content that integrates blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Viewlets and Flash games seamlessly!

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Engaging Graphical Assessments

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819-846-7784ViewletQuiz5 enables you to create highly sophisticated surveys and quizzes in no time! Fully engage your audience with stunning survey Viewlets and get immediate access to valuable response data via email, LMS or from ViewletCentral. ViewletQuiz sells for just $299

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Powerpoint to the Web in Minutes


ViewletCam2 converts your PowerPoint files to the web easily and inexpensively with our plugin. ViewletCam also records any action on your computer screen and transforms it into a variety of output formats. ViewletCam2 costs only $149

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Publish, Host, Collect, Measure

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ViewletCentral is our hosting and reporting server that allows you to store, manage and deploy your Viewlets as well as gather important statistics. With one click publishing, distribution is a snap. By using ViewletCentral, you can easily determine the effectiveness of your content and how viewers respond to it.

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What Viewlet technology can do for you...

Online Software Training (450) 791-1439
  • Reduce Travel Expenses
  • Improve Productivity
  • Facilitate Learning

Software Support Presentations Software Support
  • Lower Costs
  • Expand Reach to Customers
  • Increase Customer Retention
Sales & Marketing Presentations (786) 684-8774
  • Slash Costs
  • Shrink Sales Cycles
  • Accelerate Marketing Campaigns

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"The use of Viewlets have now become one of the most foremost training development tools in our arsenal..."
"Viewlets have become a key component of Oracle's award winning guided selling strategy..."


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