Kidomi! - Hundreds of kids activities all in one place.

Thousands of hours of learning entertainment, with the best mix of kids digital play, from top family brands and characters you know and love. Powered by Fingerprint's breakthrough technology.

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10% Month Over
Month Growth
1/3 of Users
Play Every Day
90 Daily Playtime
1200 TB Annual Network
Data Usage
Over 1M Downloads
a Month

How It Works

We use a multi-platform interface that works with any existing mobile apps, systems, or tools.

Our award-winning team will manage design, engineering, and operations from start to finish.

Our SDK is COPPA compliant and includes a wide range of ready-to-go features. Create an apps catalog, avatar maker, parent tools, DRM, and more. We customize features to fit your brand identity.
We have a number of tools to take advantage of, including SDK integration, backend services, and network management. We develop custom features for your platform, help with hosting needs, and perform a full sweep QA to ensure a fully polished end product.
Content Management
We source, evaluate, and manage high-quality mobile games, books, and videos. Our CMS makes it simple and efficient to manage content for your platform.
Our design team will help you with branding, UI, visual design, interaction design, and illustration.
Get insight into how to market your apps and platform. We strategize and manage campaigns to boost revenue and engagment.
We constantly test our platforms to improve usability. After launch, we will provide analytics and royalty reporting to help you understand how to improve your product.


Over 300 developer partners from 60 countries and 2,700 apps

Our Partners

These are just a few of the brands powered by Fingerprint's breakthrough technology:


Get your own branded network for kids, powered by Fingerprint. Using our framework, it's quick and simple to get your own brand up and running.


Get discovered by millions of users. Break through the clutter of the app stores and get premium spots on our partner platforms.