Your son is a happy boy.

It's probably just a phase.

That's what I had thought in the first place.

You're really in bad shape.

You like to hurt people.

It is her second operation already in one year.

No weapon was found.

I want to meet Floria.

Mr. Jackson, what's your first name?

You should advocate disarmament.


Don't you have any other way of contacting Hurf?

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He is poor as a church mouse.

The government is corrupt!

Negative electrons attract positive electrons.


Christopher Columbus once decided to burn absolutely everything in an entire village after one of the natives stole his parrot. He was disappointed that he couldn't burn their water. So he invented fluorine.

We're not married yet.

Aren't you one of Gale's lawyers?

I am glad you are here.

We unexpectedly found a cat in the box.


How much is this book?

That's what I think.

We'll wait for them.


I don't want to butt in all the time when the two of them are fighting.


If you could go back to any age, what age would you choose?

Moderate exercise in the evening helps induce sleep.

Tell Adam I'll meet him at 2:30 in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel.

Morton is anticipating his trip to China.

Consider my offer carefully.

I'm not totally convinced of that.

Murthy can't use this.

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I never heard back from him.

I'm doing it now.

We should be getting back to work.

Seth is fighting cancer.

I object to being called a monkey.


What's taking her so long?

I need a lot of them.

Three men broke out of prison yesterday.

The second lesson is very simple.

I saw a wonderful fall there.

I have flu and I'm tired.

What time is it by your watch?

I wasn't as careful as I should've been.

I didn't say I persuaded him.

I just didn't feel like getting up.

Is it all paid for?

Kim intends to be a diplomat in the future.

What must you do now?

He succeeded to his father's estate.

I'm Polish.

I wasn't aware that Jerrie was unhappy here.

Louis left the door open.


I'm convinced Susumu can succeed.


There's something I've got to show you.

You have a beautiful sister.

I'm glad you agreed to see me.

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Honzo has a point there.

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Our generation has seen a lot of changes.

Why not just say no to her?

It is a nice day!

I wonder if Moses is as interested in this as Sumitro is.

By all means maintain an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

How do you go to work?

Needless to say, he never came again.

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They weren't doing anything wrong.

I asked Peter what he wanted to drink.

I took a cooking class last spring and learned to bake bread.

Elwood is just being diplomatic, isn't he?

Take it one step at a time.

Together we can change something.

This is a sentence.


Why did you come here so early?


The opinion of others is all the same to me.

I've got work to do, so piss off and leave me alone.

The tower is as high as 220 meters.


A great thought came to my head.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Mara speaks several languages fluently, but for his job, he only translates into his native language.

Trent couldn't feel a thing.

I want some privacy.


We've had meetings.

You said you want to make a change.

Everybody called Hunter "the Sphinx", because she always spoke in riddles.

One day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

There is nothing the matter with the motor.

I thought that was interesting.

Pratap pulled his suitcase out of the closet.

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If it weren't for her help, I would not be alive now.

She knew better than to smoke a cigarette in his presence.

Play your cards right and Niall might invite you to his party.

I'll go tell everybody what you just told me.

How much money do you owe me?

It took me several hours to correct it.

Randolph said his dog's name was Cookie.

I'm not as young as I was.

This knife has served me well.

I'll tell you this one more time.

I want you to make a choice.

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It has been two years since he came to Japan.

Tarmi hurried to make up for lost time.

It would be a pleasure to assist you.

I was as cool as a cucumber.

I felt pretty good.

Good night, dear friend!

I owe my success to the fact that I never had a clock in my workroom.

I suggest we drink as little as possible to be polite.

If you want me to help you, all you have to do is ask.

Is now an appropriate time?

He means it seriously.


Hilda needs time to think it over.


You could've saved me a lot of trouble if you'd told me about that earlier.

I think you will be a great father.

You ought to finish your homework at once.


It is surprising that she should say so.

Old cows eat tender grass.

My phone doesn't work.


Several girls are standing beside the gate.

Even though it's an hydroponic tomato, it's quite tasty.

You should tell Doyle what to do.


I like to eat out.

He has bad eyesight.

Please write to me as soon as possible.

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However, in general, it seems that the Emperors had continued without seeking worldly power.

He is an intelligent boy.

Do you think I'm stupid?

I went skiing a lot as a kid.

The use of electronic computers is growing rapidly.

The water whirled around the rocks.

Did you get your wish?

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There is no smoking in this building.

That's exactly how it happened.

It was kind of you to help me.

I know people think I'm odd.

Not all of the staff was present.

They believed it might lead to war with Britain.

Who's the one who's writing this bullshit?


His works will endure for centuries.


It looks like your luggage is on the next flight.

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Shame on you.

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I unexpectedly met an old friend of mine on the bus yesterday.

That's fairly low.

It wasn't that cold.

We have a package for them.

I'd prefer to die rather than give up.

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We don't know much about what happened.

Hillary rested the ladder against the wall.

There has a ring of falsehood in his story.

He went to Nara.

Maybe I will settle down with a woman.

Life has no meaning except in terms of responsibility.

I don't claim to have as big a heart as Mother Teresa, but I am willing to help the orphans in any way I can.


They're still looking.

Ian sat down next to someone he didn't know.

Do you think you can catch me?


These desks are too small for them.

He asked me for help.

I'll have to call back.


He did awful things.


You cheated too!

Not everyone is meant to be happy.

The traffic jam caused me to be late for the meeting.


It is sure that she will leave tomorrow.

You're safer where you are.

How did that work out for you?