Spam and Antivirus Filtering - Your account has Spam and Anti-virus filtering enabled in order to keep your email account private and secure. These features will prevent users from sending unwanted messages (SPAM), harmful attachments and viruses via email to your account.

You have the ability to configure your own filter settings and antivirus options, so you can enjoy flexibility in what you receive and from whom.

Tree-style Folder Menu - Email-folders are now accessible via a tree-menu, making it easy to categorize folders and access them again quickly. Sub-folders can be created by right-clicking on a Folder. To move a message into a folder, simply 'drag and drop' the message into the desired folder.

Tabbed Email Browsing - Emails can now be viewed within a tabbed pane below the message-list. Messages can be reviewed much faster due to the navigation buttons, allowing you to scroll through your email archives quickly.