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A series by Gosho Aoyama.
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Ep. 898: "The Cake Melted"

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro go to Cafe Poirot in the morning for breakfast. Kogoro barges in before the shop actually causing Azusa to be angry. She, however, welcomes Ran and Conan to come in as well. Azusa uses IoT (Internet of Things) to control the electric kettle to boil water sometime before they reach the cafe. As they have breakfast, an issue seems to be happening with Amuro's cake.

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On the trail of a gang of bank robbers, Agent Starling teams up with the Junior Detective League. But she finds more than she expected when she uncovers evidence that Agent Akai, believed to have been assassinated by the Men in Black, may be alive!

Then Mr. Moore is summoned to a mansion to investigate a strange murder, only to find that the killer isn’t finished. Why were five gifted people invited to live in the mansion, and what is the secret of the Red Wall?


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